Not an end

This was inspired by college life, and needing to take a break from it.



I’m biting at my nails,

I can do this,

I know I can,

I want nothing more than to scream,

To scream at the top of my lungs,

Day after day,

Go to class,

Do homework,


But I don’t know how to study,

I don’t know how to do any of this,

They keep saying I learned how in high school,

But I didn’t,

In high school I didn’t have to try,

I could just go to class,

And I would pass,

Now I have homework,

That is actually needed to do,

I have to study for my test,

But I can’t,

I try,

I try so fucking hard,

But I need to study how to study,

And I can’t do that,

Not when I have everything else to do,

The worst part is,

I love it here,

I love learning new things,

I love going to class,

I just came underprepared,

So I’m going to take a break,

I’ll leave for a year,

Maybe two,

I’ll learn how to study,

I’ll learn how to research,

Then I’ll come back,

And when I do I’ll be prepared.

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