Do you ever go to events and wonder why there is always that one crazy person dancing a little too much? That person who isn’t afraid to break a hip on the dance floor is me.

Although I can be a shy person when I first meet someone new, my entire personality changes once I step foot on any sort of dance area. I love dancing (like a lot) and for some reason, I forget about everything when I start losing it.

Nothing is in my way when I am out there, and I begin to stop caring about what others think about me. It is fun to make others laugh, encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, and potentially make some new friends while I am at it.

Ever since I was tiny, you could ask my family and they’ll tell you that I was always dancing around the house anytime I heard music from the TV, stereo, etc.

I have always had a special place in my heart for dancing, even while knowing I am not the best at it. I know I am not a professional and I don’t care. When I hear any sort of music, I have to put whatever is in my hand down and go at it.

I think I do this because I love entertaining others. Putting a smile on someone else’s face is what I live for, and if I have to dance until I’m sore to do it, I will.

I find myself not caring about what others think of me while I make myself look like a complete fool because I realize almost every time I’m out there that life is short.

If you want to have a good time, then do it. Nothing is holding you back but yourself, and to overcome yourself, get out of your comfort zone! Embarrass yourself every once in awhile just for the heck of it because it is ok to do it.

I love dancing too so for me, I have no choice but to get out there on the dance floor and express my gratitude toward the music I hear.

Imagine that you are at the grocery store and you see your favorite kind of desert that you just can’t resist. You have no choice but to pick it up because it is your favorite and you drop it in your shopping cart.

For me, your favorite desert is my dance floor. When i see it, I have no choice but to get on it and dance.

Dancing on the dance floor at any social gathering is also an excellent ice breaker. I get questions all the time, most consisting of, “Where did you learn to move like that?” and “Teach me how to whip like you!” by every adult older than me.

It is something that I am proud of and I am not afraid to write or talk about it. Heck, I’ll even show you my sweet moves the next time I see you at a social event with a dance floor. It will be fun!

Thank you for tuning in to this weeks article and I hope you too can face any fear, hate, or awkwardness you have toward the dance floor. Once you do, you will love getting down with all of your friends and/or family by the end of the night!