What constitutes as "relationship goals" to you? A guy showing up to your house with roses? Or a guy planting a whole garden of roses for you?

I'd pick the latter. The idea of a guy showing up to your doorstep, unannounced, surprising you with a bouquet roses when you're having a bad day is great. But it's nothing special. It's what's expected of your significant other.

For example, my boyfriend regularly visits me at work on my breaks. He'll often pick me up, bring me food, or just sit and eat with me. Sometimes he surprises me with coffee or food when I'm having a bad day or just because.

To most girls, this may seem like relationship goals. To me, it's what any good boyfriend should be doing.

They should be replying to you at their earliest convenience. They should be calling you just to say hi. They should also be thinking of you whenever they're making big, life-changing decisions—or decisions in general. They should visit you whenever they can. They should surprise you every so often--and not every surprise necessarily needs to be documented on Snapchat.

They should just be doing all these little things naturally—and it shouldn't be "relationship goals" if they're just things expected of a relationship.

Not to say you shouldn't appreciate the little things, too. I'm beyond thankful my boyfriend is so caring and thoughtful. I appreciate everything he does for me, and I think him every day for it. But I don't glorify what he does as the most outrageous thing in the world. Him sending me a text with heart eyes isn't going straight onto my Twitter.

That being said, every relationship is different. I'm not saying they have to do everything I listed to be a perfect boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm just saying it's not goals. It's normal.