The city has always fascinated me. I love how fast paced it is, I love the excitement and the thrill the endless possibilities each night in a big city holds. And while a part of me still feels that way, I have been absolutely humbled by my experience in the middle of no-where, Maine.

The northern Maine woods isn't bustling with trendy new bars, or fancy restaurants. Instead, it is quiet. By that, I do not mean that it is silent. I mean that it brings an unfamiliar but beyond comforting sense of peace to your mind and soul.

The reception is awful up there... thank god. No one has their face in their phone, everyone is outside living life. How refreshing is that? Instead of city lights and fast cars, there are lights illuminating the lake from family camps and the faint sound of snowmobiles cruising through the trails.

Everything moves so fast in cities. There is so much stress, drama, and just toxicity. It is almost as if the northern Maine woods is a corner of the Universe that is untouched from all that has become so corrupt in the world. It may not have dance clubs and fancy 5 star restaurants, but guess what it does have: genuine people. There is one bar/ pub that is family owned and has a couple of the same bartenders on every night. Guess what? They smile at everyone. They ask you how your day is going and where you're from. They are kind people who put their heart and soul into their business and care about the people they are serving. It's not about the glamour- it's about the honest to goodness conversation. How beautiful is that?

Northern Maine has the innocence and beauty of a child who still believes in all that is good in the world. It doesn't know all of the evil that the world has become desensitized to every day. People smile and wave at everyone who crosses their path. Everyone knows everyone, and they go out of their way to lend a helping hand. They may not live a lavish lifestyle, but they have everything they need and are completely content with the simple things in life. They are humble and kind in all their ways.

It is absolutely beautiful up there.

You can disconnect from the world. Put your phone down and head out into the endless adventures that await you. The views are breath taking and make you realize how small you and your problems really are. Social media, stress, and all of your every day troubles fade away out there.

It's peaceful. It does not pale in comparison to the city life by any means, because it is thrilling in a different way. I always loved the rush of the city, but I now know that there is nothing more exhilarating than the fresh air hitting your face and hitting the re-set button on your mind and soul.

In a world that spins so fast each and every day, and is full of drama and anxiety, there is nothing more humbling or refreshing than paying a visit to the northern Maine woods.