If you've ever struggled thinking of things to do on a date that isn't stereotypical or original, this one is for you. I've personally been in this situation so many times with my boyfriend, and we've figured out some different things that we can do that aren't just dinner and a movie. We don't stan those and they're too old of ideas. Refreshing the mind and coming up with something new can be good, but since it's kind of difficult to think of, here are some ideas.

1. Beach at night.

Photo by Salvador Martin Yeste on Unsplash

Even if you guessed the beach, I bet you didn't guess the beach - at night (*cue exaggerated Spongebob voice*). The beach during the day is a whole new story because there's the sun, other people, and a chance for sunburn. If you're like me and hate to wear sunscreen, the beach at nighttime is a better option and can make for more romantic getaways.

2. Hiking.

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

Obviously, if you live in Florida as I do, this isn't really a date idea at all - but for those who live where there are mountains to hike up, this is a decent date idea.

Not only does it keep you busy, but it burns calories, gives you a workout (which can become a bonding experience for some, especially those on weight loss journeys), and can help to personally satisfy a person's workout ethic. Taking a hike would keep me out of the gym for the week.

3. Tour breweries (21+).

Photo by Elevate on Unsplash

This date idea includes only those who are of legal drinking age. I wanted to make sure to throw this into the mix to make it more interesting.

If you're trying to get out but not go to a bunch of bars to have a good time, touring breweries is a good alternative. Even if you're not a beer drinker such as myself, this can be a fun date for your significant other and yourself. Trying alcohol together is fun and makes it more exclusive than other typical date ideas since you have to be of age to drink.

4. Go to a workout class.

Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash

If you need a different idea than hiking (like me, if you live in Florida), a workout class is not only a bonding experience and brings two people closer, but it can also be personally satisfying to people whose goal it is to lose or gain weight, tone, get cardio, or practice lifting and getting new PR's.

A workout class would be a big step for myself because I don't like to workout in front of others all alone, but going with my boyfriend would ease this fear a little bit.

5. Go camping.

Photo by Dominik Jirovský on Unsplash

Taking a few days out of your life and going camping can be life-changing. I like to think about going camping like taking a vacation on a cruise: I can't use my phone or electronics but that's okay because I don't need them to talk to anyone. I have what I need right there with me.

Going camping can make people realize that they don't need social media, electricity or a real bathroom to function like normal people (unless you take an R.V. which is much more common). Either way, R.V. or tents, camping makes for a good trip away from reality and can bring people together unintentionally.

You're probably already taking these ideas and branching them off into new ideas. That's great, and I hope that you do. The more creative the date idea, the more life-changing and fun they can be. I love going on any dates that I've never been on before and end up loving them and wanting to make a routine out of them. Dinner and a movie don't beat any of these by a long shot.