I have told you before that I was terribly nervous when I first met you. I remember apologizing because I was unsure how well we would get along. Yet, after just a few seconds, I knew that we would get along oh so well. You are going to love the next three years that Butler will bring. Sophomore year is going to be one of the toughest. However, I know that you will kick it in the ass. You are incredibly brave, headstrong and completely ready to take on the world.

Here is some advice that I wish I had gotten before my sophomore year of college started.

1. You have all the time in the world.

You might think that right now you don't, but trust me you really do. Do as much stuff as you physically can. College is the time to learn who you are, to find your people, and to figure out what you want to do. You have so much potential that you are unaware of, but it will soon shine.

2. Take time for yourself.

You are such a wonderful human. I know that you like to mom people now, but once you are around them 24/7 it will not be as fun. So please take time for yourself to take care of your body and your mental health. You do not need to be there for everyone all the time. I promise you will thank yourself for it later on. No one will dislike you if you say "no" just once to take care of yourself.

3. Say 'Yes' often.

This goes for and against what I just said. Say yes to random trips to go get food late at night, to going out, to going off of campus to get work done or just little invitations. You never know what will come of those adventures.

4. Always say goodnight to your friends.

Since you are about to live in the house, this will ~hopefully~ become a nightly routine for you. I said goodnight to three of my favorite people in the house every night and I would get swept into their room for hours on end. It always made going to bed more manageable. It also strengthened my friendships with them. It was also always a great way to get a good belly laugh before I went to bed. Some of my favorite moments have come from stopping by the "black hole" every night.

5. Do not wait until the last minute.

As you know, I love to procrastinate. Do not do that this year. You may think that you got a regime down from freshman year, but sophomore year is slightly different. You're a year older, some professors will not let the fact that you are still new on-campus slide or be an excuse. So take time to be more productive and put your schoolwork ahead.

6. Use the connections you make.

You are about to meet so many more people -- Use those connections. They will be so beneficial when it comes time to look for jobs or internships.

7. Do not sign for a senior house. Wait.

This is something that I got, but I feel as though I need to mention it -- Wait on signing for a senior house. I cannot stress this enough. Sophomore year is too early to be looking at getting a house; I promise that you will find people at a later time to get a senior house with. You never know what will happen and you do not want to be tied down.

8. Get involved.

You are already involved with a few clubs, but if they just are not cutting it anymore it does not hurt to look at other groups. You will find more people like you through this. Even if you don't get it, you have still tried and at the end of the day, that is all that matters.

Little one, you are going to do such amazing things. I cannot wait to see how much you'll grow throughout your time here and what you'll accomplish.

Love you lots!