As college students, ranging from ages 18 to 23, we feel that we are somewhere between young adult and adult. Fortunately, there is a genre of fiction that will cater to people like us, and that genre is New Adult.

New Adult became a thing back in 2009 or so, and from it rose Colleen Hoover. Her first book, "Slammed," was self-published and became a huge hit. Since then, all of her books have been New York Times Bestsellers, and her fanbase is ever growing.

The question is: why?

I have read five Colleen Hoover books, praying each time for her to change my mind. Five books later, my mind has not budged.

Colleen Hoover writes toxic stories that rely on stereotypes of both men and women. The men are alpha-males: dominant, aggressive, and angry, and the females are damsels in distress: clueless, submissive, and indecisive. What is so sexy about a man who cheats? What is so sexy about a man who domineering, condescending, and cannot stand to reason? What is so sexy about a woman who cannot speak up? What is so sexy about a woman who allows herself to be used?

Of course, fiction is just that: fiction. No matter how toxic Hoover's books and characters may be, they are merely figments of her imagination. However, there comes a point when fiction dictates reality, and in this case, it is not healthy.

If you are interested in New Adult, here are three authors who write them and write them well.

1) Cora Carmack - "Losing It" series is sweet, sexy, and funny. It portrays a healthy relationship between consenting adults who have to battle some taboos to be together.

2) Tamara Webber - "Easy" (Contours of the Heart series) focuses on an important issue: sexual assault. Prepare for complex but developed characters and a swoon-worthy romance.

3) Jennifer Park - "All of You" (Between Breaths series) is not your typical hot-guy-meets-sweet-girl NA. Yes, the guy is hot, but he's actually a good guy.