Ever since the 2016 election, politics have been heated. You can’t say anything without one side being offended and you can’t be entitled to your opinion. You're either with one side or against them. They ask you who you voted for?

If you respond that you do not wish to share that confidential piece of information they assume you’re on the other side. Ever since the election, not only does it get heated when politics are brought up, but if you refuse to disclose who you voted for, it gets even more heated. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU VOTED FOR.

Not telling people who you voted for does not mean you are on the other side of whomever you are talking to and their political stance. It simply means you have a different opinion. And that's okay!! Everyone has different views of political candidates they support and do not support, but just because they do not want to tell you what those views do not automatically mean they are against you and hate you.

You don’t choose your friends based on whether or not they are democrat or republican. You choose them based on their personality and whether or not you think you would get along with them and the same goes for celebrities. We do not follow celebrities based on whether or not they agree with our political beliefs.

We follow them because they star in our favorite show, movie, or are a great singer or a model or something that interests us. When we vote it is confidential. This means nobody can know who we vote for unless we CHOOSE to tell them. Stop condemning people and celebrities based on the fact that they wish their vote to remain confidential.

If you really need people and celebrities to tell you who to vote for or who they voted for it does not benefit you as you need to come up with your own beliefs without being influenced by others. It’s really nobody else’s business but theirs who they vote for and who they don’t.

You are not them which means you shouldn’t care anyways who they voted for as it is not your concern. I’m tired of the mentality that we absolutely need to tell people who we vote for or we get written off as a bad person. Please respect others and their opinions and whether or not they wish to tell you who they vote for and who they do not vote for. Mind your own business.