Theatre. Communications. Fine Art. Hospitality. Journalism. Fashion Design. Film.

The Question: What do those things all have in common?
The Answer: A majority of our society likes to describe them (and other non-STEM fields) as "useless majors."

Think about the types of things you would not be able to enjoy without art majors. You wouldn't be able to go see a play or a musical on Broadway; you wouldn't be able to go to the Smithsonian; you wouldn't be able to spend your vacation at a posh hotel in Disney World.

On a much smaller scale (because let's be real, a lot of us can't afford to do those things anyway), you wouldn't be able to buy or even look at pretty new clothes; or watch your favorite movie/tv show; or learn to play music.

A common argument is that the fields of study themselves aren't useless, but rather the idea of "throwing out your money" to get a degree over "something so easily self-taught" is. There a couple of problems with this argument.

First of all, unless you are 100% self-employed, you almost always need a degree to get a job. Second of all, these things are NOT EASILY SELF-TAUGHT! If it's so easy for you, how about you go up on stage and randomly start a monologue? How about you go into an art museum and explain the history and meaning behind each painting?

Art fields are just as important as STEM fields, and the world would be dull without them. You cannot bash the degree while loving what comes from the degree. Even if you truly think that someone's major is useless, or if you personally hate it, don't express that sentiment out loud. How would you feel if someone said that to you, about your careers and passions?

Let students study what they want. College is already stressful and expensive. No one wants to hear, "But your degree is worthless!" to make them feel even worse about a time that is supposed to be enjoyable.