Colleges with no fall break are no bueno.

As someone who goes to a university that does not give students an approximately five-day long break during the month of October, aka, a fall break, I can still you that it kinda stinks. Watching all of your friends from home reunite with each other, seeing their families and pets, and hanging out at all of your favorite spots at home, while homework and stress-free, is enough to make anyone jealous. Especially when you're studying for tests, writing essays, and presenting projects in the meantime.

It's around the midterm season that students in college start to feel a bit burnt out, homesick, and in need of a couple of days to rest. Hence the creation of a fall break, where students get those few days off to relax and recharge before powering through the semester until Thanksgiving. However, if your university does not have a fall break, you do not get those designated few days to escape from the homework, tests, and projects.

Instead, you watch the majority of other students at universities across the country head home. This leads to students at colleges like my own, schools that do not have a break until Thanksgiving, to head home on the weekends their friends from other schools are, even opting to miss classes in order to do so. This proposes the question as to, why don't we just have a fall break, as many students are choosing to head home anyways.

Not having a designated break also leads to other students choosing random weekends to go home, as they just need those couple of days midway through the semester to recharge. This is a completely normal desire, however having students head home over the course of multiple weekends dampens school spirit, as some weekends often seem to be a mass exodus from campus.

A way to avoid this would simply be to give students a break they so desperately desire!

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