Nintendo Switch: First Impressions

Nintendo Switch: First Impressions

Hands-on with Nintendo Switch and "Breath of the Wild"

I was the first in line at my local GameStop for the release of Nintendo’s latest console. What started out as a duo quickly turned into a handful and then into a decently sized crowd. By the time the doors opened and we were ushered into the store, people passing by had begun to stop and question the assembled queue. I led the procession of excited gamers and bewildered parents, purchased my Nintendo Switch, a copy of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," a protective carrying case then quickly left the store and headed home.

After several hours spent setting the new console up, playing games, and just fiddling with the system and its peripherals, I found myself extremely impressed. As much flak as Nintendo tends to get for their less-than-mainstream ideas, the Switch succeeds as the first console/handheld hybrid. From the outset, everything just works. Each Joy-Con controller snaps into place on the unit itself or onto the controller grip with a satisfying click, and they just as easily slide off for further rearrangement. I have repeatedly jumped between various control figurations and playstyles and not a single one has been uncomfortable or unwieldy. The true power of the Switch is its unprecedented versatility and ease.

The Switch’s flagship title, "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," is a wonder to behold, whether in handheld mode or on the television. The breadth of the world in this game can feel truly magical with its grandiose ruined kingdom and beautifully populated natural vistas. It is a deceptively hard game, forcing you to do everything you can to survive in the monster-infested landscapes of its world. It is triple-A gaming as only Nintendo can make it, exuding personality even in its most intense moments. "Breath of the Wild" is at once nostalgic and exceptionally new, acting as the perfect launch title in an admittedly minuscule lineup of mostly decent to sub-par games. "Zelda" is the perfect counter to this problem and is more than enough to occupy early adopters of the Nintendo Switch for quite some time.

In the Nintendo Switch it is easy to see Nintendo’s knack for experimentation and their tendency to work outside the norm to try and give players fun, unique experiences. It is also not hard to find the past elements of their work and design philosophy in each and every aspect of the Switch. The Joy-Cons evoke the Wii Remote and its Nunchaku peripheral, yet when turned sideways each one becomes its own pseudo-SNES controller. The main console’s tablet design and touch controls come from both the Wii U and the DS handhelds, using their qualities to inform the construction and versatility of their latest oddball invention. Nintendo has certainly solidified itself as the mad scientist of the video gaming industry, concocting strange, wonderful ideas in the name of fun and technological curiosity. While the Switch may not be the graphical powerhouse of PS4 and Xbone rivalry that some players had hoped for, that misses the point entirely. What this machine accomplishes is versatility, the idea of allowing gamers to play how they want to, where they want to, when they want to.

Cover Image Credit: Taylor J. Beck

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Disruptive technology to benefit health & wellness app users

health & wellness


Health and wellness sector stares at touching $233.3 billion mark by the end of 2020. This is well illustrated by the rise in the awareness of the people who turn to using mobile applications focussing on particular sports like cycling, boxing, football or simple routine fitness exercises like jogging and running. 2016 witnessed as many as 3.2 million downloads for the mhealth apps. 

Insurance sector has joined in to motivate users for wellness and offer incentives to adopt healthy choices as it directly benefits them. For example- Vitality, a UK based insurance company among many others have started this new trend, Lympo does that for you and so much more in terms of removing middlemen, owning and sharing the data and getting paid in its own cryptocurrency, LYM tokens,ryptocurrencies like for maintaining your health.

Until now, your data would be locked with one provider without allowing you to integrate it, aggregate it and use it for your own benefits. Furthermore, you are most probably only able to share your fitness achievements with your friends on social media, but not with your physical therapist or even a doctor. The promise that the whole healthcare sector will benefit from the user-generated data did not come true yet.

Now, this calls for a change! Lympo will allow you to store your data from a wide range of health and fitness apps and wearables and use the latest Blockchain technology to reward users for the achieved healthy lifestyle goals. These tokens that represent a digital asset like Bitcoin, can be further used to get other services in the Lympo ecosystem and from its partners, for example, healthy food or sports clothes.

Through the features of the Lympo app you can have a complete control over who can access your data and for how much. This not only provides you with security for the sensitive health related issues but also offers you to feel motivated to take part in the promotional events like running 5 km race and get paid in the form of Lympo tokens.These token can be used anytime to pay for gym trainer on the platform or a session with a physical therapist. 

The one major benefit of using the Lympo app technology is that you can collect and share all your data at any place and to any one you like and have a complete picture for your body fitness unlike the apps which separately monitor different aspects of your health and do not bother giving you a full picture and have no data sharing facilities as well which even successful apps like Sweatcoin were not able to do. Sweatcoin has an app of its own while Lympo provides you with the facility to store and control the data flow from the apps and wearables you already use. Also, Lympo offers you money for a whole lot of fitness and running exercises unlike many specific apps like Sweatcoin which only measure steps. 

Thus, the Lympo app provides you with a lot of additional facilities and the motivation to get healthier is the biggest of them all. As the user size for the platform increases, Lympo CEO Ada Jonuse feels that the health brands will be joining the platform to sell their health and sports products and services using the Lympo tokens. That will be a great motivator for the Lympo users as they would be directly able to trade their wellness achievements for getting health supplements or fitness advises. 

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6 Things That Happened After I Deleted Snapchat After 5 Years As An AVID User

Not only does my phone's battery last longer...

1. I actually started to enjoy things without feeling the need to snap a picture of it.

2. I don't have to worry about keeping up with my "streaks".

....and people getting mad at me when I forget, or almost forget.

3. Comparing myself to other people has decreased.

If I do nothing all day, I don't have to look at pictures of people being productive and feel bad about myself.

4. I enjoy things for myself, and not for others.

If something is actually that exciting, I'll text someone a picture instead.

5. I feel a new sense of privacy.

Not everyone needs to know what I'm doing all day every day... and it is nice that they don't.

6. I feel less pressure to act a certain way.

I no longer feel like I have to do things just so people think I'm valid and important. Doing things for me is just fine.

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