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I've been hit.


Completely swept off my feet.

His name was Peace.

I was transported, transformed, I was stripped to my most pure and organic form.

When I married him he showed me all that I had. He took me dancing within my soul…he showed me that even with all my broken pieces I still was whole.

What a gift to be alive, to breathe this air for free each day when our Creator could charge us a daily fee.

Ever since I first met you I've prayed for your presence in my life.

I've prayed for your patience with me while I continue to make mistakes and detours while I travel along this yellow brick road.

I talk to my Father about you all the time, I tell him that you would make my life complete if you could always walk beside me.

You come and you go, but you tell me that when it gets really tough.... I must love when it's impossible, forgive when it seems absurd, try when there is no reason to, and I must let love be the source of all my actions and words.

He proclaims that my Father has already gifted me with heart, brains, courage and determination, I don't need a wizard my strength comes from no earthly creation.

"If you seek your Heavenly Father, I will never leave." This was the final promise he made to me.

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