A Night With LANY

A Night With LANY

That’s the beauty of LANY. The things they are able to make you feel are what draws people in, and what ultimately will keep you coming back for more.

With only a couple of nights between them and one of the biggest summer festivals in the United States, LANY came through Charleston, South Carolina, ready to put on a show. The cloud of anticipation building with each new person that got in the line that was already snaking around the Music Farm. Once everyone had been filed into the Music Farm the vibe of the upcoming show was becoming apparent. The moody lighting and the synthesized beats coming through the speakers were setting the tone for what was sure to be expected during the show. The energy of the crowd wasn't that of fans who had been waiting all day in the warm Charleston heat, but instead, the whole room buzzed in anticipation. The air electric with excitement. Goody Grace, a band hailing from Canada and LANY's opening act, was set to go on stage and with the crowd sizzling the three members made their way to the stage. As soon as they started their set, the crowd responded with an electric enthusiasm and sang along to every song. The band's lead singer---a mere 19 years old, kept the crowd going, proving their run with LANY have made them great performers, and they definitely will not be considered rookies anymore.

After Goody Grace had made their exit from the stage the smoke machines started puffing and the pre-show music for LANY blared through the speakers. The energy continued to build and the fans pushed against the barricade and grasped onto phones that would soon be capturing what they had been waiting hours in line to see. When the lights dimmed Les Priest and Jake Goss emerged from backstage causing a surge in the crowd. They eagerly moved forward with the arrival of frontman Paul Klein, and with that, the show began.

Throughout the show, the band fed off the crowd and every now and then Klein would get up close and personal, emerging himself in the dancing bodies below him. With every song, and every note change you could feel the crowd falling more and more in love with the music, and even more in love with the moment they were a part of. That’s the beauty of LANY. The things they are able to make you feel are what draws people in, and what ultimately will keep you coming back for more.

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It's Time For A Black Widow Movie

It's time, Marvel

With Luke Cage, Black Panther, and the upcoming Captain Marvel, Marvel movies, and Marvel TV shows are finally getting more diverse. So now is as great a time as ever for a Black Widow movie.

Marvel seems like they don't know how a female Avengers movie would play out in theaters, but it's time. Iron Man got a trilogy, Captain America got a trilogy, Thor got a trilogy, and even Hulk got a movie (that we don't talk about).

If Marvel is worried about how female superheroes do in theaters, they need to look no further then Patty Jenkin's "Wonder Woman." The movie did amazing at the box office. It did so well in fact that DC ended up adding extra scenes for Wonder Woman in "Justice League."

Now that the movie "Red Sparrow" is coming out, Marvel really needs to step up their game. "Red Sparrow" starring Jennifer Lawrence is about a Russian woman trained practically from birth to be an assassin. If you watch the trailer it's pretty much a Black Widow ripoff.

If there's one thing we've learned from movies in the last couple years, representation matters. Seeing Black Widow, a badass female superhero get her own movie would be really empowering for little girls to watch. Scarlett Johansson is an excellent actress and would really flourish in her own movie.

Even from a business standpoint, the Black Widow movie just makes sense for Marvel. She's a very popular character in the MCU. Also, movies starting female leads have been doing really well lately like "Wonder Woman" and "Hidden Figures."

Marvel has toyed with the idea of a "Black Widow" movie but has made no commitments. Come on Marvel, it's time.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Repairing Your Phone Using iPhone 5 Parts

A tempered glass screen protector is another essential for your iPhone 5.

 We all know that repairing an iPhone can be difficult. It’s expensive and often requires a lot of patience. In fact, iPhone repair bills can often exceed the price of the phone altogether. There is a better way to repair your phone, and it’s easier than ever! With all of the iPhone 5 parts that are available to you on iDemiGods.com, you can invest in top of the line, quality iPhone parts that will make repairs easier, more accessible, and above all else, more affordable. Keep reading for a list of iPhone 5 Parts that you can get to make your phone run like new.

iPhone 5 Replacement OEM Battery
A replacement battery is an essential part that you’ll want to have on backup. Replacing your iPhone’s battery can bring your phone back to peak performance when it would otherwise slow down or run out of power. This OEM battery is compatible with all base iPhone 5 models (however, not the iPhone 5S or 5C), and comes with six tools to help you properly install and care for your replacement battery. This battery is offered at a low price with a 6-month complete warranty.

iPhone 5 Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly in Black
If your iPhone 5 screen is shattered beyond repair, a fairly simple way to get it back to its usual peak performance is to invest in an iPhone 5 Full Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly. The glass and LCD components of your screen are inseparable and cannot be individually replaced. As a result, they must be replaced and installed at the same time. With the Digitizer LCD Screen Assembly, you can replace both without a frustrating trip to the phone store or an obscenely high bill. This kit also comes available in white.

iScrews iPhone Screw Set for iPhone 5
If you’ve ever dropped your phone and needed to replace one or a handful of screws, this item is for you. This kit comes complete with every screw needed in the iPhone 5 and includes a helpful tray that shows you where each screw belongs. This set can be used for one quick repair or multiple times over the course of many repairs. Using this set is an affordable way to keep track of and replace those pesky iPhone screws easily!

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock Port Charging Connector and Headphone Jack Cable
This is an important replacement part to invest in if you are experiencing connectivity issues with your phone. This dock connector includes several integrated components including the lightning connector that is responsible for charging and connecting your phone to your computer or other accessories, a microphone, and a headphone jack replacement. This device is compatible with all base iPhone 5 models (not compatible on the 5S or 5C) and is also available in white.

NuGlas Tempered Glass Screen Protector
A tempered glass screen protector is another essential for your iPhone 5. The NuGlas screen protector comes complete with a four-tiered layer composition, which includes anti-scratch protection, oleophobic coating, heat resistance, and electrostatic adhesion to ensure that your phone looks good as new. This screen protector also features an advanced silicone adhesion chemical, making application simple and stress-free. This screen protector fits on all iPhone 5 models, 5S, 5C, and SE!

If you are having trouble with your iPhone, why spend the money on professional repairs when you can easily invest in the parts yourself? Making a personal investment in replacement iPhone 5 parts is a simple way to keep your phone working like new and is sure to save you hundreds of dollars. All of the parts featured in this article can be found on iDemiGods.com and are sure to revitalize your phone and bring it back to life! You should enjoy your iPhone, and you deserve to get the most out of every feature that it has to offer. Make sure to explore all that iDemiGods.com has to offer!

For more information about Ipad 4 Battery Replacement and Buy Iphone 5S Battery Please visit : iDemiGods.

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