Oh, the process of going out on is an all night long ritual. Good decisions, bad decisions, and far too many shots are just part of the process. Want it all summed up? Let Dean and Sam Winchester (but mainly Dean because its Dean) do it for you.

1. Pregaming and hyping yourself up with friends.

2. Walking outside and seeing your Uber ready to take you where ever the night goes.

3. When you walk into your favorite bar and you hear your song being played.

4. Looking to your friends for help when someone random starts talking to you.

5. How you feel after someone offers to buy you a drink.

6. When your friends ask you if you're alright or if you're too drunk.

8. When one of your friends tries to leave you to go do who knows what with someone they just met.

9. Or when they do something super embarrassing.

10. When all those shots finally hit you.

11. Your face when someone brings up going to get food...

12. ...And your face when you actually get the food.

13. Stumbling in the door and crawling in bed.

14. The instant regret if you wake up hungover the next morning.

15. And of course when your friends ask you if you wanna go out again next week.

I don't know about you, but I wanna go out one night with this group. Let's just hope no one gets arrested or hunted.