A Night Out In College As Told By 'Supernatural'

A Night Out In College As Told By 'Supernatural'

Lets be real, Dean is our spirit animal.

Oh, the process of going out on is an all night long ritual. Good decisions, bad decisions, and far too many shots are just part of the process. Want it all summed up? Let Dean and Sam Winchester (but mainly Dean because its Dean) do it for you.

1. Pregaming and hyping yourself up with friends.

2. Walking outside and seeing your Uber ready to take you where ever the night goes.

3. When you walk into your favorite bar and you hear your song being played.

4. Looking to your friends for help when someone random starts talking to you.

5. How you feel after someone offers to buy you a drink.

6. When your friends ask you if you're alright or if you're too drunk.

8. When one of your friends tries to leave you to go do who knows what with someone they just met.

9. Or when they do something super embarrassing.

10. When all those shots finally hit you.

11. Your face when someone brings up going to get food...

12. ...And your face when you actually get the food.

13. Stumbling in the door and crawling in bed.

14. The instant regret if you wake up hungover the next morning.

15. And of course when your friends ask you if you wanna go out again next week.

I don't know about you, but I wanna go out one night with this group. Let's just hope no one gets arrested or hunted.

Cover Image Credit: Sam and Dean Brothers In Arms

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College Students Have 4 Main Food Groups

Be sure to get these foods in order to have a successful and healthy college career.


As Buddy the Elf mentioned in "Elf", the four main food groups for elves are candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup. Now, it's time to forget about what they taught us in health class about nutrition because what a college student eats is way different from what we relied on in high school. Our health teachers in high school told us fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy were the food groups humans needed to be healthy. However, college students have a different food group and lifestyle that what we learned in our health class. Here are the four food groups you need in order to survive college:

1. Energy drinks

Whether you have to pull an all nighter as a result of procrastinating on a 10 page paper, or simply need a simple boost of energy, these will get the job done (even though they might not be the healthiest choice.) Red Bulls, Monsters, and 5-Hour Energy Drinks are just a few examples of some energy drinks. Just be careful not to become addicted to them as they are full of sugar. These are perfect for the all nighter, and for the days you feel tired and don't want to get out of bed.

2. Coffee

Are energy drinks not your favorite? If so, then coffee is an essential for college. Whether if you are into iced coffee, lattes, decaffeinated coffees, or black coffee, there is a coffee out there for everyone. Also, you can choose to brew your coffee at home with a coffee maker or a keurig, or make a Dunkin or Starbucks stop before class. Coffee is great for staying focused during class and completing homework projects and assignments outside of class.

3. Gum

Remember in grade school how teachers did not like when you chewed bubble gum? Well in college, it's totally different. You can chew as much bubble gum as you like and nobody can judge you for the amount of gum you chew! From the traditional mint flavor bubble gum to more obscure ones, there is a flavor for everyone to chew on. This is perfect for getting through boring lectures, and it makes you more focused. Plus, you can be a good person and share your bubble gum with others. It is a way to spark up a conversation, and a way to stay focused during your college career.

4. Microwave meals

Let's face reality, most first year college students come into the semester with little to no cooking skills. Thus, microwavable meals become an essential. Whether you are tired of the on campus dining food, or do not have enough money on your meal plan, these become your best friend (again, not the healthiest choice, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes). From ramen, mac n cheese, and popcorn you can make almost anything with the push of a button on the microwave. These meals are great because they are not time consuming, your meal will be ready in a few short minutes as opposed to cooking a meal over the stove or oven. Just remember to brush up on your cooking skills so you can start cooking as you transition out of college.

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