9 Things Night Owls Know To Be True

There are the people that like to wake up at the crack of dawn and watch the sunrise... and then there are the people who find themselves staying up until the early hours of the morning. Here are some things that all night owls will know to be true:

1. Your Body Says Sleep But Your Mind Ignores It

Even though the exhaustion has hit your body, your mind is still speeding along and refuses to go to rest.

2. "Just A Few More Minutes" Becomes A Few More Hours

It happens despite our best intentions. You get on your phone to check your email and the next thing you know you've taken like 20 BuzzFeed quizzes.

3. You Get A Sudden Urge Of Energy Sometime After Midnight

Because what better time is it to get your life together?

4. Getting Up Early In The Morning Is Something You Don't Want To Dwell On

Hopefully the coffee you drink later will make up for the fact that you're going to be operating on five hours of sleep.

5. You Do Some Of Your Best Thinking At Night

Ideas that wouldn't normally hit you in the middle of the afternoon come at you full force in the middle of the night. Now you just have to remember what it was come morning.

6. You Wanted To Go To Bed, But Then Netflix Happened

"One more episode" can easily turn into a full-on Netflix binge.

7. Getting Up Early Is Nice, But Staying Up Late Is Better

Deep down, you know that there are real benefits when it comes to rising early... but that doesn't stop you from continuing your routine of going to bed late.

8. You Feel More Awake At 1 A.M. Then At 1 P.M.

Some people feel most productive in the afternoon, but that is when you feel the most tired. Ironically, you have a lot more energy at night than you do during the day.

9. You Know Staying Up Late Isn't The Best Habit, But You Aren't Going To Break It Anytime Soon

Every night you tell yourself that you will actually go to bed at a decent time so you can get a full night of rest... but that only happens every once in awhile.

There are the early risers, and then there are the night owls. We are the ones that feel more energized by the moon than the sun, and while others find themselves falling asleep once the late night hours hit, our day is just beginning.

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