This list is a foolproof list of steps you should take before your final tomorrow to destress and prepare yourself with that A without studying!

1. Get a GOOD night of sleep! If you're used to not getting a lot of sleep, don't get too much. You might feel super groggy the next day. Get enough, though, so you feel rested and ready to go for the test tomorrow!

2. Wake up! This might make you say "duh!" but I know a lot of people who missed the final because they were up late studying and didn't get up in time to take the test. Make sure you set multiple alarms and ask your family to wake you up if you sleep heavily or they don't see you in the kitchen at a certain time.

3. Don't study the night before. As much as you might feel like you need to, cramming might result in you forgetting other information you learned on top of the information you're cramming, both due to stress and the fact that your brain doesn't have time to process and retain the information you think your absorbing due to lack of sleep. Memories are cemented as you sleep, so without giving your brain a chance to do that, your cramming goes down the drain.

4. Eat a good breakfast. Your brain won't have fuel to run off of if you don't! You can also prepare a meal with certain foods that are scientifically proven to help with brain stimulation!

a. oatmeal

b. granola or quinoa

d. whole wheat toast with peanut or almond butter

e. yogurt smoothie, yogurt parfait

d. eggs with veggies or cheese

5. Get your things ready! Last but not least, be prepared. There's nothing worse than rushing to get ready on exam day and already stressing out for something futile. Save your energy for the test! Get everything ready the night before, know the instructions, what you have to bring, wear, etc.

Good luck on your exam! If your exam is tomorrow, don't stress! You've got this!