To The Girl Who Everyone Deems 'Too Nice'

To The Girl Who Everyone Deems 'Too Nice'

I'd rather be too nice than to be a mean girl.

To The Girl That People Say Is “Too Nice”

First I would like to say, welcome to the club. There are more of us than you think, we just spread out more in the world. Today, everyone is becoming more about themselves and what people can do for them, rather than thinking of others and what you could do to help.

We are the latter in the situation and we most certainly are proud of that.

Whether you are out at the store and you see someone drop a dollar, rather than keeping it, you might give it to the person you saw drop it. There may be that time when you address a cashier or employee by their first name; because, yes they have first names. It is on their name tags.

You might get a phone call at 3 in the morning from a friend in need and even though you love sleep, you stilll rush to her aid. You find out that one of your classmates is having a sad day so you pick them up a coffee or a granola bar just so they know there is someone out there willing to help. Sometimes it can be draining, but when you see the action for what you have done have changed; you cannot help but smile and feel good about yourself.

To the girl that is wondering if you are too nice for your own good. Get that negative talk out of your head! Be proud of who you are. Be proud that your parents raised you to being a good-hearted human being. Whenever someone descibes me, “nice” is usually within the top 5 descriptive words they would give. It is kind of a no-brainer, I have earned it and I would not give it up to be “cool”.

I am not saying that we are better than everyone else. But what I am saying is that the world may be a tad bit better if we were not cutting eachother down and going down eachother’s throats. But instead we take that extra second to do something nice. Take the extra moment to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

Maybe just maybe, people could see it our way.

To the girl that is deemed “too nice”, maybe some people out there are “too mean” ever thought of that? Like, who hurt them?

Please do not give up your kindness to fit in. Do not let anyone cover your sunshine either. There is a difference between being too nice, and being a walking doormat.

A complete stranger might do it, your parents, your boyfriend, even your best friend. You have to take care of yourself. If what you are doing to help them isn’t hurting you; then I do not see the actual problem in the act.

To the girl that is the definition of “You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important.” Take it to heart. There are only so many true hearted people in the world and unfortunately the numbers are decreasing.

Please stand true to who you are.

And again, have a wonderful day!

-Fellow “Too Nice” Girl

Cover Image Credit: Deb Greengold

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Being A Lesbian Sucks

To women who say they wish they were a lesbian; you don't.


My girlfriend is not a man, obviously so because she is my girlfriend, emphasis on girl. Society has been conditioned with men holding the power. In a world dominated by men being a lesbian has more problems than just homophobia.

There is an automatic assumption that because we are not with a man we are single. Without the dominating presence of a man other men feel safe to come on to women in lesbian relationships, whether they know we are together or not. We aren't always in a safe situation to say we are together so if he doesn't pick up on the social cues it only gives us two options: politely laugh and attempt to remove ourselves from the situation or say we aren't interested. Both options are equal in undesirability and saying we are uninterested can lead to them just pushing harder. The boyfriend card usually works, but lying about our relationship makes us feel terrible.

The fetishizing of lesbian couples and threesomes are a problem because of media and porn. They hyper-sexualize lesbian relationships until they are nothing but sex. From this the winning question, "Do you want to have a threesome?" With the assumption both or one woman in the relationship is a lesbian and not bisexual, pansexual, or etc. A threesome with a man is completely out of the question. The thing about lesbians is that we like women not men, a threesome with a man goes against our identity as a lesbian and makes no sense. And even if both women are bisexual a normal man wouldn't walk up to a straight couple and pop the question of a threesome. So don't do it to us.

We also find ourselves being disrespected as a customer in a professional setting. Men in job positions belittle women who are at the mechanic, the lawyer, the doctors offices, and the bank, for just a few examples. They assume we don't know anything and are ignorant, so they treat us with no respect. They attempt to manipulate us for this and that to achieve their own personal gain. Without a man lesbian couples are even more subject to this because we don't get any respect. A man will be immediately respected and in a healthy relationship he can establish a power balance with his woman partner to the person in charge. Lesbians, (and other single women) don't have these short cuts. We have to establish ourselves then and there for having worth and show we deserve to be treated like full grown adults. Hopefully we also have the knowledge to not suffer from manipulation.

The difference in skill sets is something that can be a problem for everyone in this sexist society. We associate pink with girls and boys with blue. Girls with cooking and guys with tools. Most of us were taught different things and learned different skill sets. Most women I know, including me, don't know how to change a tire. How many young men go off to college having never done laundry in their life? With lesbians we usually don't know an important skill that was specifically taught to men. We might not know cars, or tools, or how to tile a floor. We are set back in our development as fully functional people in a unit. We lack key skill sets that were predetermined for men, unlike straight couples where there is usually a balance of skill sets.

The problems that arise from lesbian relationships are problems associated with a male dominating society and the gender division we face along with it. To abolish these we have to achieve equality and work on teaching the generations to follow that women are just as good as men. It's tough being a woman and a lesbian even harder.

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