Niall Horan's Album 'Heartbreak Weather' Perfectly Sums Up The Emotions of a Relationship
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Niall Horan's Album 'Heartbreak Weather' Perfectly Sums Up The Emotions of a Relationship

From the start of the album to the end, you feel like you've lived the relationship and the breakup that the songs are written about.

Niall Horan's Album 'Heartbreak Weather' Perfectly Sums Up The Emotions of a Relationship
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If you don't know who Niall Horan is, I'm here to share - he was the blonde Irish member of One Direction who decided to pursue a solo career when the band chose to go on an "18 month hiatus" (guys, its been like four years, please at least make a greatest hits album or something, we miss you). Anyways, Horan released his first album "Flicker" on October 20th, 2017 and then a year later started writing his newest album "Heartbreak Weather," which was released on March 13th, 2020.

Being the Niall stan that I am (he was my favorite in One Direction), I started streaming it immediately and have not stopped. Let's dive in track-by-track to see how much I really love this album.

1. "Heartbreak Weather"

This track is the title track off of the album. It has a fun, bouncy beat, and like every track on this album, has great vocals. This song helps send the album in the direction of being a concept/story album more than just an album of songs that don't connect and flow with each other. The track starts to tell the story of a person being used to heartbreak and not being able to find anyone to someone who suddenly falls in love and not being used to it.

Favorite Lyrics: "All of my life, it's been heartbreak weather Thinkin' to myself, it won't get better."

Rating: 7/10; A certified windows-down-while-driving-to-the-beach bop.

2. "Black and White"

This song is so adorable, okay? The song talks about the relationship, basically at it's start and how he can already imagine them getting married and spending the rest of their lives together - from their whole wedding with their friends there and everything. The track is bouncy and fun like the previous one, and if you followed One Direction, it's the Niall-version of "18," which is a cult classic for One Direction in my opinion.

Favorite Lyrics: "And I see us in black and white Crystal clear on a starlit night In all your gorgeous colours I promise that I'll love you for the rest of my life."

Rating: 9/10; 100% considering this as a wedding song.

3. "Dear Patience"

This track is fitting to follow the previous. It tells the story about how he typically falls in love too fast and wants to take this relationship slow because when the relationship is rushed, it normally ends up falling apart too fast. It has a ballad-like tempo and a pop undertone. I relate to this song a bit too much but still love it.

Favorite Lyrics: "Dear patience If I pour my heart out, can you keep a promise? 'Cause the situation Is like a mountain that's been weighing on my conscience If I'm being honest."

Rating: 9/10; I relate to this song on such a personal level and love the pop undertones.

4. "Bend The Rules"

This is where the album goes in the direction of how different relationships can go. This track focuses on how you're in a relationship with someone, and they tend to hide things from you. But they aren't really breaking rules, just bending them and destroying trust that comes with a relationship. It has a ballad-like vibe, but it isn't the true ballad of the album. It is kind of heartbreaking to listen to, if I'm being honest, because you start to feel for the people in relationships like this.

Favorite Lyrics: "Feelin' like I'm goin' crazy And I don't know what to do."

Rating: 6/10; This song just hurts my heart but not as much as other songs on this album.

5. "Small Talk"

This track is just a straight groovy track with a sexier theme that goes with the track that's after it. The groovy instrumentals and lyrics hook you instantly, and you just can't not vibe to this song. I was trying to find a song to compare this to, but honestly, I can't; it's just so original and unique.

Favorite Lyrics: "Let ourselves get burned by the fire We're walking on wire, but nothin' feels higher."

Rating: 7/10; It's a bop.

6. "Nice to Meet Ya"

The album's leading single has arrived on the track list. It has such a fun bounce and sound to it that you just can't resist dancing to it, especially with the vintage-like sound that it has. It was a good choice for the leading single - good job, Niall.

Favorite Lyrics: "I'm gonna take you somewhere warm, you know j'adore la mer."

Rating: 8/10; Has a groovy beat that you can't help but dance to.

7. "Put a Little Love on Me"

This is the second single of this album, but it's drastically different than the first. Get your tissues and be ready to cry because this is the ballad of the album. It radiates the energy of going through a breakup, and how you feel post-breakup while you isolate yourself because all you can do is cry. This song just hurts, but it is too beautiful to skip. One of my favorites.

Favorite Lyrics: "I've still got so much love hidden beneath this skin" and "When the lights come up and there's no shadows dancin' I look around as my heart is collapsin' 'Cause you're the only one I need To put a little love on me."

Rating: 10/10; Perfect cry song, is super beautiful, and sums up a breakup perfectly. I wish I had this song a month and a half ago, but I still relate to it.

8. "Arms of a Stranger"

Hands down one of my favorite songs on this album. There's some anger and hurt behind the lyrics and how they're sang, which just attracted and attached me to this song. I feel like the order of the song before and the song after just line up so well, telling a story that I feel connected to and making me love the songs even more. The tempo and melody of the song help play in with the emotions in the song, and it just makes it better. I love this song.

Favorite Lyrics: "It feels like it was only last week I was trippin' right into your heart If we're not gonna do this honestly Baby, won't you give me back what you took apart?"

Rating: 12/10; I love this song so much, try angry singing this song in the shower - it's pretty fun.

9. "Everywhere"

Just like I said before, this is one of my favorites, and the way it lines up with the two previous songs is just perfect. It tells a story so perfectly. It sums up how it is just after a breakup, when all you think about is that person and how you almost seem to see them everywhere you go. You have to hide so they don't see that you haven't seen sunlight in like four days. The sound is really bouncy and fun and just another one to blast in the car.

Favorite Lyrics: "Try and try to erase you But you won't disappear" and "I swear it's hard to think, it's hard to breathe when you're in the air I try to run, but you're everywhere I go."

Rating: 10/10; It embodies how it feels to try and get rid of a person after a breakup but you can't; they literally follow you everywhere, even in your dreams.

10. "Cross Your Mind"

This song is so much fun that you can't help but dance and sing the words to it when it plays. It's all about having feelings for a person who just seems to either not know or completely know and not care that their actions hurt you. It's bouncy and fun and energetic with lyrics that are easy to yell.

Favorite Lyrics: "It's your world I wanna live in It's your ocean I wanna swim in It's your show and I'm just watchin' Losin' you is not an option" and "Love the way you hurt me And it doesn't even cross your mind."

Rating: 8/10; Favorite song to jam out to in my room and dance around to.

11. "New Angel"

"New Angel" is the "I'm moving on and nothing is stopping me, I'm tired of being sad" song, which I personally vibe with right now. It's fun, upbeat, and funky. It's the perfect song to blare when you decide you're moving on, and how you feel when you just want to get someone out of your mind for good.

Favorite Lyrics: "I need a new angel A touch of someone else to save me from myself."

Rating: 7/10; It's fun and fresh and goes well with the sound of the album

12. "No Judgement"

This is the third single from this album, with possibly one of the cutest videos to go with it. It's all about being comfortable around a person and not caring what they think because you love each other - which is what relationships are all about.

Favorite Lyrics: "When you're with me, no judgement You can get that from anyone else You don't have to prove nothin' You can just be yourself."

Rating: 7/10; It's super catchy and up-beat.

13. "San Francisco"

If you know anything about Niall and his relationship with 5 Seconds of Summer, you would know that he loves them and their music, so ironically this song mirrors their song "San Francisco" from their album "Sounds Good Feels Good". The track is all about the beginning of a relationship and wanting to go back to where it all started because things started to go wrong and fall apart.

Favorite Lyrics: "Overthinking, I don't know what to do" and "I wanna let all my defenses down Scream until you hear me out I'll lay it on the line for you."

Rating: 8/10; This song kind of hurts, but it's really good - take my word on it.

14. "Still"

I hope you're ready for yet another cry because this song guarantees one. It's another ballad that hits close to the heart. It's all about being in love with someone despite pain and the fact that they no longer feel the same way about you. It gives the same vibes as "Someone You Loved" by Lewis Capaldi and hurts just as much. It has the perfect acoustic sound and melody. It's the first song that grabbed me, in all honesty, because I related to it so much. Hands down another one of my favorites to listen to. It, in my opinion, is almost a slower version of "Lie to Me" by 5 Seconds of Summer, because it's about wanting the other person to say they still feel the same way, but we all know that they don't.

Favorite Lyrics: "My mind is complicated Find it hard to rearrange it But I'll have to find a way somehow," "So tell me you want it A thousand miles away from the day that we started But I'm standing here with you, just trying to be honest if honesty means telling you the truth Then I guess we lost our focus And it's killing me that we could go to war like this," and "If honesty means telling you the truth Well, I'm still in love with you."

Rating: 12/10; Perfect cry song for a sad day or sad shower, Niall sweetie who hurt you?

So, if you're in search of new music for the current quarantine life that we're all living or you're going though a breakup and just aren't sure how to express your feelings about it, this album is definitely for you.

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