Is it possible that celebrities are being "bullied" just as much as a typical kid in middle school? Cyberbullying has become a hot topic in recent years as the use of social media is constantly increasing. Different foundations and campaigns are forming all over the nation to raise awareness and help heal the bullying epidemic.

Celebrities tend to get behind causes like these. Whether they do this for publicity or because they genuinely love the cause depends on the individual. For example, in 2013, Office Depot started an anti bullying campaign called "Be the Difference" and they had One Direction help them out. The campaign included commercials featuring One Direction and school supplies with positive messages and pictures of the band. Because what middle school girl (or college student) wouldn't want a notebook with Harry's face on it?

Good for One Direction, right? They're standing up against a social problem. But what happens when they get bullied? That's right. Cyberbullying happens in the most elite of circles. Celebrities are not immune. In fact, celebrities are scrutinized left and right and we typically don't think twice about it.

Member of One Direction, Niall Horan, brought this to the attention of his 25 million Twitter followers May 24. He claims that a group of "fans" are threatening him and insulting his family.

Sad, right? We expect people like the paps to be invasive and maybe even a little rude when snapping pictures and getting tabloid stories. They unfortunately have a reputation for that. But people who call themselves fans should definitely not be acting in this way. The actions of these people against Horan are synonymous with those of a high school bully. If this is a joke, it's not funny. It's simply immature and wrong.

Horan tweeted to his fans, saying that he was fine and not to worry. But he says he wants to draw attention to it because it is happening to others as well.

People seem to think that when they are hiding behind a screen they can say whatever they want, especially to celebrities because they're not as likely to see it. Obviously, some have seen it and it's creating a problem. Yes, celebrities are famous, but they are also human. They need sleep just like the rest of us. They want privacy just like us. They have families that they love and want to protect from those who wish them harm.

So think before you type and tweet. It might be cliché, but the golden rule always applies. Treat others the way you want to be treated, even if they're famous. Because they have feelings too.