Niall Horan ended his Flicker World Tour on September 23rd in West Palm Beach, Florida. The day right before that, he played in Tampa and I attended. The talented "The Middle" singer, Maren Morris, who sings with him on his song, "Seeing Blind" was the opening act.

I was super excited to see Niall live after three long years. I fell in love with his album that was released last year, Flicker and I was ready to hear it live. I did not have any true expectations of how the show would make me feel. I knew that I was happy about going, but I wondered if things would have changed within me that would've led me not to be as excited as I was when I went to 1D's Where We Are and On The Road Again tours in 2014 and 2015.

As soon as the lights went down and I heard the screams that filled the amphitheater, I felt the same happiness I had felt years ago. Niall James Horan put on a show; a full-on spectacle. I cannot fully put into words how I felt during this show; it was truly ineffable. From start to finish, I felt like everything else in the world didn't matter at all, and that I could just be happy and carefree for those few magical hours. I am a very anxious and tense person most of the time, but that night, I was more relaxed than ever. I needed that. Niall came out and I felt a wave of energy wash over me. I felt so overwhelmed and content. I cried. Tears of joy are the best kind.

His upbeat songs were so fun to sing and dance to with the crowd. His ballads were beautiful. The crowd sang so long and were in perfect sync every time. Niall told us that all his crowds are not usually like that and that we were special.

My favorite moment of the night was when Niall sang his cover of One Direction's "Fool's Gold" (link to my video of the fan's singing along) a fan favorite. This song is soft and slow and simply delightful. Before the final chorus, he asked the crowd to sing and told us we sounded like a choir. I immersed myself in the crowd as we sang out the words that we never got to sing live when 1D was touring but wanted to so badly. I never wanted that moment to end, and when it did, Niall said he wanted to hear us again! So we sang it once more. It was ethereal.

"Flicker" was incredible. Niall told us how he wrote that song in 20 minutes because he was so sure of the emotion behind it. He told us to close off from the rest of the world and just be in the moment as he sang. I closed my eyes a couple of time and felt so relaxed. There was a fan project for that song where we held up our flashlights. Some sections were green, others orange, others white. We made the Irish flag for Niall. It was beautiful and serene.

These slow songs from his album, like "Fire Away," "Flicker," "Too Much to Ask," and "Since We're Alone" meant the world to me when they were released. I was going through a hard time and his album was just what I needed at the moment. Hearing those songs live and remembering how much they meant to me made them all the more special.

After the ballad portion, Niall started singing the upbeat bops. The crowd has energy from start to finish. One Direction's "Drag Me Down" was sung as well. I was so happy to sing along to a song that I hadn't heard live in 3 years. "Slow Hands" was amazing. That song is definitely a fan favorite and that was obvious that night. Niall ended the show with "Mirrors" and had everyone up on their feet for the finale.

After the show, I heard cars blasting 1D songs. I think the concert really sparked nostalgia in many of us while allowing us to be happy that Niall was doing so well for himself. I felt giddy when I heard others around me listening to the songs I grew up with because I realized they had grown up with them too.

I had the most amazing time at his show. I am so happy and lucky I was able to attend. I felt happier than I have in a long time. It was nice to take a break from school and stress and be able to enjoy his concert. I needed that break. I felt like I was 15 and carefree again. Niall is doing so well for himself. I am so happy that the crowd showed him that much love. He deserves all the love and support in the world for his talent, kind heart, and witty humor throughout his shows.