"Write what you know" so they say, all I know is I don't know what to write or the right way to write it."

This is the perfect line from the lyrics of "Watch What Happens" from the Broadway Smash Hit Newsies the Musicals sung by Katherine Plummer (Actress Kara Lindsay). This part of the song was the right way to go because I didn't know how to start the review.

For those people that don't know what this amazing show is/was about here is some background about this amazing musical that had a successful run at the Nederlander Theater in NYC and doing a National Tour visiting over 65 cities across the U.S. "Newsies" according the the Disney's Newsies the Musical this show is based on the real-life Newsboy Strike of 1899, this new Disney musical tells the story of Jack Kelly, a rebellious newsboy who dreams of a life as an artist away from the big city. After publishing giant Joseph Pulitzer raises newspaper prices at the newsboys' expense, Kelly, and his fellow newsies take action and striking for what's right in the streets of NYC. All newsboys in the 5 boroughs of NYC all rally against Pulitzer.

I saw this show at Proctors Theater in Schenectady, NY where I live and I immediately fell in love with this show. The dancing and the choreography was phenomenal and the music was unbelievably AMAZING. Another reason why I enjoyed it so much was because the entire cast was male based on a few women in the cast. It is nice to see a musical that uses a majority of men because they can show their talent that they have and know that dancing, singing, acting, and theater isn't all for women.

After hearing that "Newsies" is coming to an end on Broadway and on tour I was so sad. Because I would go on the Newsies website and see if they were going to come back to Proctors so I can see the show again.

But they didn't. So when I heard that Newsies was going to be made into a live movie I was super excited. When the dates were released for showings I had noticed that it was three days only and it was showing February 16th,18th, and 22nd. And I was sad that I wouldn't be able to see it but then I decided to come home for the 3 day weekend (presidents day) I was so excited and I got online and bought a ticket.

So that leads me to the day of the movie. Saturday, February 18th. I drove to the mall and watched the movie. Before the actual movie started they showed some exclusive looks backstage of the actors and actress getting ready and it even show some clips of some cast members singing songs from the show. The live movie was amazing. I could tell that there were parts added then what I had seen onstage in person back in 2014. For example, there is one newsboy named Crutchie that was played by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and in the live movie he sung a song solo and in the stage production, he didn't have a solo. And some of the iconic songs that the cast sang they would sing and then there was some acting and then they would continue on with the song and the dancing and again in the stage production they just sang and dance through the number.

This musical is great inspiration to all of young men out there. After seeing this show which is mostly comprised of all males it makes you learn that dancing isn't for girls. You can be male dancer and be on broadway. You don't have to feel embarrassed.

These actors and actresses were incredible and they have such talent. The lead Jack Kelly played by Actor Jeremy Jordan he was amazing. He had such great voice and his acting was incredible. And Actress Kara Lindsay played Katherine Plummer and reporter for one local newspaper she was amazing. Her voice was incredible as well as her acting and how she put in humor some words that she said. Newsies is a show that I won't ever forget. This is a show that I had loved ever since I saw it in 2014. #Newsiesforever

Here is a list of the songs that were in this show:

Santa Fe Prologue
Carrying The Banner
The Bottom Line
That’s Rich
Don’t Come A-Knocking
The World Will Know
The World Will Know (Reprise)
Watch What Happens
Seize the Day
Santa Fe
King of New York s
Watch What Happens (Reprise)
The Bottom Line (Reprise)
Brooklyn’s Here
Something to Believe In
Seize the Day (Reprise)
Once and For All
Seize the Day (Reprise)
Santa Fe/ Carrying the Banner/ King of New York (Finale)

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