The Newest Proof That Rey Is A Skywalker

The Newest Proof That Rey Is A Skywalker

"Star Wars" fans are beginning to connect the dots before "Rogue One" hits theaters.

Whether you've seen "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" or your only knowledge of it comes from the buzz that's surrounded the newest addition to the "Star Wars" franchise, you know that one of the biggest topics of discussion is Rey's parentage. The fact that she is the protagonist of the new trilogy would suggest to most that she is a Skywalker, either the daughter of Luke or Leia. Some, though, refuse to believe that theory, arguing that Kylo Ren, as Leia and Han's son, is the only descendant that will appear in the new trilogy. Since the movie was released nearly a year ago, those looking for the answer to this argument haven't gotten very far in developing their theories outside of what the movie gave them. Trying to find proof of Rey's parentage has become a series of overanalyzed details, like the fact that Rey wears a poncho in the novelization, something every other Skywalker has done in at least one of their movies, or picking up personality traits like Anakin and Luke's penchant for whining that Rey seems to lack. However, the details pulled from a summer interview with Daisy Ridley that's beginning to make the rounds might have just tipped the scales in favor of Rey being a Skywalker.

This theory has its initial roots in a video from May earlier this year. Mike Zeroh, a popular "Star Wars" theorist with a few connections to people living near the set of Episode VIII, explains in the video that an inside source near the set of Episode VIII saw Daisy Ridley wearing a green sleeve on one arm. This could mean an effect is going to be added to change the look of her arm, but most "Star Wars" fans took this to mean the entire arm would be edited out, going off of the fact that the franchise does seem to like lopping people's limbs off and both Luke and Anakin lost a hand in the second installment of their respective trilogies. This idea was based solely off of the claims of one man on the set, though, so many just brushed it off as someone trying to start rumors and the theory was largely ignored.

The idea of Rey losing an arm began to pick up traction again recently, though, as people began to connect the dots to an interview with Daisy Ridley from August. In the interview, she is asked a series of "yes" or "no" questions, all of which she answers "maybe" to, except one: "Will Rey be injured?" to which she answers, "Yes."

This wouldn't seem like all that big a deal in any other action-based franchise, but "Star Wars" protagonists actually rarely seem to get injured until it is essential to moving the plot forward. In "The Force Awakens," Poe is tortured into revealing where he hid the map to Luke, Rey is tortured until she manages to manipulate the Force successfully against Kylo, and Finn is rendered unconscious in his fight with Kylo, allowing Rey to take the lightsaber and finish the fight. In the original and prequel trilogies, characters often make it to the end of the movie without receiving any kind of substantial injury, too (Anakin being the unlucky outlier). The writing reserves injury for the moments when it is most poignant.

So, Daisy confirming that Rey will be injured, a source from the set claiming to see Daisy in a green sleeve, and the protagonists of both trilogies that came before the current one losing a limb in the second movie all point toward Rey losing one, too. Fans of the idea of Rey being a Skywalker were quick to point out that those protagonists were father and son, both Skywalkers, and that Rey losing a limb in her second installment but not being a Skywalker would seem odd, especially since "The Force Awakens" was very purposeful in its references to its predecessors.

However, some who oppose the theory argued that the sleeve may be used in a scene in which Rey experiences Luke's previous experiences again, like she did when she first touched the lightsaber. My first thought upon reading that idea was that if she were reliving Luke's experiences, she would be losing a hand, not an arm, and an entire sleeve on Daisy's arm wouldn't be all that necessary. However, the lightsaber did belong to Anakin, as well, who lost the majority of his arm in the Episode II, so Rey may be reliving Anakin's experiences this time, not Luke's. Either way, evidence of Rey losing a limb, either literally or in her own mind, is beginning to pile up, though we'll have to wait until December of next year to uncover whether they're the key to understanding Rey's parentage or not.

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