Heroes of the Storm isn’t like other MOBA games. A lot of the conventions of the genre are turned on their heads or completely abandoned, so you might need some tips to get started.

I graduated from college yesterday, which was pretty cool.

1. Map Objectives Are Key

Map objectives are oftentimes completely necessary to win. Always be sure to show up to the highlighted area on the map when you’re given the prompt, unless you’re so far ahead that you’re about to win regardless. These differ by map too, so pay attention to where you are.

This is hugely important, like having a college degree.

2. Meet The Heroes

Currently, Heroes has 65 playable characters. They are important to learn to play as and against, and you can get 20 just for signing up right now, so jump right in try them out. Some like the Lost Vikings, Cho'gall, or Abathur play very uniquely, so take a look at them as soon as possible.

I’ll be getting a job as soon as I can, by the way. One of the perks of graduating.

3. No Items

No gold, either. In Heroes, they’ve been replaced. Each time you level up, you’re given a choice of 2-4 talents to take, which change the way your hero works. These can wildly alter your playing experience with a hero, so experiment and see what works best.

I did, and now I have an item of my own- a degree.

4. Team Experience

Heroes is a truly team-centric game, so much so that leveling up is done through pooled experience rather than individually. Because of this, communication is key. Talk to your teammates and get as much experience as you can as fast as possible to get stronger earlier than the enemy team does.

Cooperate, like I had to for my senior thesis. The one I did before graduating? Yeah, that one.

5. Eyes On The Prize

Vision works differently in Heroes. There are certain heroes that naturally have abilities that allow them to see through the fog of war better, and there are pads on certain maps that give the team who stands on them a clearer view. Vision can give more map control, and remember that you can still hide in bushes. Also know that "invisible" enemies show up as hard-to-see wavy lines, so look out for ambushes too.

I am looking at my cap and gown with my vision right now.

So, that’s really what you need to know to get started on Heroes. It’s a fun game, and you should try it out if you’re interested because it’s completely free anyways. My degree wasn’t free, but it was worth getting. Neither of those things are importantly related.