Recently I made a trip to the east coast for a vacation. I had been to New York City as a child and remember thinking how much I loved the city. It is fast paced and there is always something to do there. However, going back at the age of twenty-one I found myself in for an unexpected three days.

Yes, New York was beautiful and Central Park truly did take my breath away; however, I found myself a little overwhelmed in this city. Manhattan is massive and there are almost too many options on what to do.

I was supposed to be on vacation, yet I found myself coming home and feeling like I needed a vacation from my vacation. New York is no joke. During my time there I walked nearly EVERYWHERE.

After leaving the "city that never sleeps," I found myself not feeling like I fulfilled my true Carrie Bradshaw moment as I hoped. Below is a list of things that New Yorkers and Californians do differently and my take on who does it better.

1. Waiting for the walk signal.


Anyone who has ever been to New York knows that pedestrians control the city. The majority of people who live there walk A LOT or take public transportation. It is easy to spot the true New Yorkers because they will walk right into an intersection with oncoming traffic and not bat an eye. By the end of my trip, I noticed myself partaking in this behavior and nearly got hit twice. In California, we tend to wait for our little light up walk buddy to tell us to go. I give Californians the point on this one.

2. New Yorkers walk extremely fast.


In a fast-paced city, those who reside in the city have places to go. They walk fast and cut people off because they do not have time to waste. Personally, I am someone who has always walked fast. I like getting to places I need to be. Californians are known to be more "laid back" and taking in the scenery. From personal preference, I've got to give New Yorkers the point on this one.

3. Price of living.


I know California is expensive but WOW, I did not know New York was that expensive! Living here is going to put a dent in your pocket, whether that be living in either lower or upper Manhattan. Although there is the option to live in Queens or Brooklyn, I still believe that for your money California has more to offer; giving them the point on this one.

4. Night-life.


New York truly is the city that never sleeps. There are SO many things to do not only during the day but also at night. I can see why people in their early 20's flee to this city and it definitely is something that should be experienced. New York gets the point for this one!

5. Manners.


I always heard the saying that New Yorkers are the "rudest people in the continental U.S.," and boy, is that true! The waiters are nowhere near polite and people on the street are more likely to give you a dirty look than a smile. At least in California, we are fake-nice to one another. California gets the point on this one.

All in all, I enjoyed my time in New York but I think it truly made me realize how Californian I really am. I definitely will want to go back one day but for now, I'll take my gorgeous walks on the beach over loud traffic any day.