Beginning the new year with a clean, fresh start seems to be a great idea for the numerous amount of people that set New Year’s resolutions. However, if you’re like me, you set a resolution each year with the hopes of challenging yourself to become more positive or thinner. After a few weeks or months of trying hard not to break your New Year’s resolution, you cave and forget about it. The fact of the matter is that New Year’s resolutions can be very difficult to keep when you’re in them alone. Teaming up and making New Year’s resolutions with a group can make achieving them much easier and more successful. This year, instead of setting my own New Year’s resolution, I have decided to team up with some of my closest family members, and I’m finding it to be a much more positive experience than previous years where I’ve done it alone.

I’m not in it alone. Being that one person who is on a diet can become quite awkward when friends or family members want to go out to eat. If you make a New Year’s resolution pact with other people, you never have to be that one person who ruins the desire everyone else has to go out to eat. You also don’t have to stay home alone if everyone else decides to go eat anyway!

I always have someone motivating me. I’m generally a very motivated person, but when it comes to something challenging like cutting out pop or junk food, I tend to be quite unmotivated. Diet coke and cheetos are my weakness, but having that person next to me who is cutting out their weakness of diet mountain dew and beef jerky really does help.

I have someone offering me a reward. This year my family has decided to cut some weight by going on a diet. My mom is the mastermind behind this horrible idea. She hasn’t said it yet, but I’m sure there will be a reward in the end. I’m thinking maybe ice cream or a heaping plate of her famous meaty, loaded nachos?

I’m surrounded by support. New Year’s resolutions are hard. Sometimes having someone there to support your during difficult and challenging times makes things feel a little bit easier than they actually are. Words of support like, “you can do it” might be all that someone needs to successfully keep their New Year’s resolution.

Although 2017 just began, I am quite confident that, unlike other years, I will be able to keep my New Year’s resolution. This is not because I’m feeling stronger than other years or because I am more determined; it is because I have the support and motivation of other people with the same New Year’s resolution. With that being said, I challenge more people to stop setting their New Year’s resolutions alone and begin setting New Year’s resolutions with other people. The ride is much more interesting, positive, and successful.