1. Stop Keeping Half Of Your Tack Room In Your Car

There are plenty of saddle racks and bridle hooks in the tack room but somehow the tack ends up in your backseat instead.

2. Walk Into Dover Without Emptying Your Wallet

Every equestrian knows the feeling of walking into a tack store and every ounce of self control just evaporating. It’s time to re learn the concept of needs versus wants. Do I need another green saddle pad? Probably not. Will I buy it anyway? Maybe in 2017 but it’s 2018 and I am a new person.

3. Stop Browsing Craigslist Just To "Look"

Close the EquineNow and HorseClicks tabs that you have opened to a 16Hh warmblood that costs more than your college tuition.

4. Actually Organize and Clean Tack Consistently

No, not just before a show day. Actually maintain and clean the tack daily as well as keeping the tack room as clean as tack rooms can really get!

5. Treat Yourself Instead Of Just Your Horse

It’s easy to walk into a tack store and leave with enough gifts to last your horse a lifetime, but treat yourself once in awhile, you deserve it!

6. Stop Cleaning Saddle Pads In The Washer And Dryer At Home

As tempting as it is to just haul all of your saddle pads home, try throwing in more loads at the barn so you’re not finding horse hair all over your clothes.

7. Ride One Dressage Test A Month

Staying disciplined by setting a goal of riding a test monthly is a great way to challenge yourself while polishing your skills.

8. Do Some DIY Projects

DIY is the ultimate key to saving money, and as an equestrian take all the money saving tips you can get (vet bills, am I right?). Here are some ideas to get you started:

Polo Wraps


Neck Ropes

Saddle Pad Stand

9. Participate In A Clinic

Attending a clinic is a great way to improve your skills as well as introduce your horse to a new environment. Hearing another trained professional's perspective on the way you ride really helps you grow and improve as a rider.

10. Create A Schedule For Barn Time

Carving out specific time to spend at the barn is not always easy, but it makes for a much more organized lifestyle and allows you to maximize your productivity throughout the day.