Every year on January first, people around the world decide on a certain aspect of their life to change or work on. If you are anything like me, I typically wind up choosing to be healthier simply because I don't know what else to choose.

Here is a list of New Year Resolutions to choose from this year other than "being healthier" because we all know that only lasts a week or two.

1. Make decisions that will improve the day of those around you

2. Do something just for you

At the end of the day, it is always important to take care of your own mental health as well.

3. Try something new/something that scares you every day

If a friend offers a fun opportunity that you have never done or that scares you, go for it and join along!

4. Work on telling others you're thankful for them more

5. Smile more

6. Go for it and sign up for the one thing you have had saved on your phone for months

Don't deny it, we all have that one tab on our phone that we never close because "one day I will do it". Whether it is taking a hot yoga class or skydiving, make a resolution to actually look into it and sign up or get involved this year.

7. Be happier: surround yourself with people who make you happy and eliminate stressors

Do you have someone on your phone or on social media who just makes you feel bad about yourself? Well, it's time to do something about that and separate yourself from negative stressors in your life.

8. Try to spend less time attached to your phone and other electronics

9. Take in more of the arts and other unique parts of your city

Go to a new arts festival downtown or take a hike on a small mountain you've never heard of. Chances are, there are parts of your city that you don't even know exist!

10. Learn how to cook

Come up with five or so solid meals you can cook for the future.

11. Conquer a fear

Whether it be talking to people on the phone or skydiving, jump in and try to work towards overcoming a fear. It will not only increase your confidence but also open your eyes to

12. Get better at keeping in touch

Reach out to an old friend when you're reminded of them.

13. Start budgeting or planning out how to save money for the future

14. Get more sleep

All teenagers need to work on getting a reasonable amount of sleep at night.

15. Learn a new language