Resolutions Everyone Should Consider For 2021
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Resolutions Everyone Should Consider For 2021

I think we can all agree 2020 was a tough year from start to finish. Here are some suggestions that could lead to some much needed growth and success in 2021.

Resolutions Everyone Should Consider For 2021

Out of all the ways I thought my 2020 would go, I could have never imagined the events of this year. My family, friends, and myself have had to deal with so much all while staying isolated from the people we care about during the pandemic. With a vaccine on the way, and a fresh start that comes with the new year, I have some suggestions that could help everyone make the most of their 2021.

Limit Social Media

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I realize that this one is easier said than done considering how reliant we all have become on technology. This also may seem like an obvious resolution people make every year but never really apply to their lives. I guarantee it's an important resolution to make for your physical and mental health in the new year. I find myself wasting hours of my day on social media when I could be getting tasks done, exercising, or doing anything mildly productive. I also have serious FOMO when I see my friends doing fun activities while I am stuck at home. By allowing yourself to take a break from social media, these posts will stop making you feel so alone and allow you to focus on your own life without worrying how it looks on Instagram. During the pandemic, I held onto social media because it was the only way I could stay in touch with my friends. With a vaccine on the rise, I am hoping I can actually follow through on my resolution to leave my obsession with social media in 2020 and you should too.

Try A Vegan Lifestyle

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The idea of going vegan is intimidating to a lot of people and ends up scaring them into never trying. My challenge for you is to try to eat vegan for one day out of the week. If you begin to feel comfortable with that you can start adding more days or even try a full week of being vegan. Like anything, being vegetarian/vegan takes practice. I have been vegetarian for over three years now and I hardly even think about it. Over time I became more comfortable finding vegetarian options and trying new meals. Now, I am working towards a more vegan lifestyle and the only way I will get there is with practice. With so many available options and restaurants out there, it has become remarkably easy to explore a vegan diet. Going vegan isn't just a health move (although your skin will thank you for less dairy). By going vegetarian or vegan you can help stop the cycle of animal cruelty that results from factory farming as well as work towards lowering carbon emissions from meat production. Whether it's the health, moral, or environmental factors that matter to you, trying a vegan diet will have a positive effect no matter what!

Become Independent

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This one is tricky to describe because becoming independent means something different for everyone. Whether you want financial independence or the ability to be happy without a relationship, working towards independence is something everyone should focus on in 2021. The pandemic left a lot of people feeling uncertain. Mental health plummeted, drug abuse rose, and people struggled to cope. Many people I know stayed with toxic partners just because they were left feeling isolated. Others lost their jobs and thus lost their financial independence-halting their life progress. This resolution might take the whole year to achieve, but by finding any kind of independence within yourself, you are one step closer to being a person you can rely on.

Try Therapy

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I have met a lot of people in my life that act as though going to see a therapist is like giving up. On the contrary, therapy can work wonders to help heal old wounds and allow for people to move forward. I think there is still a negative stigma surrounding therapy, even though more people than you think see a therapist. A lot of people, especially men, close themselves off emotionally which leads to emotional distress coming out in unwanted ways. During the pandemic, everyone has dealt with some emotional issues as a result and a little therapy can go a long way towards making someone feel less alone. Online therapy works just as well as in person therapy and can feel a lot less intrusive from the comfort of your own home. Even if you feel your problems are insignificant compared to other peoples' issues, it doesn't mean you don't deserve to feel heard.

Put Yourself First and Quit Overthinking!

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I am the biggest over thinker and it has never done me any favors. A quote I love is, "if it won't matter in five years, don't spend more than five minutes worrying about it." In the year 2021 we are focusing on our career, education, and happiness! At the end of the day no one is going to be there for you like yourself, so start putting yourself first and forget about making everyone happy at your expense. Learn to treat yourself well and other people will follow your example.

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