5 NYE Party Ideas To Kick-Start Your 2020

The New Year is quickly approaching and if you don't have any plans yet, consider hosting a big or small event with your family and friends. Bring in 2020 on your own unique terms to ensure that your clean slate starts off on the right foot.

1. Pajama party. 

If you prefer a laid back and cozy get together, having a pajama party for the New Year is a great option for you and your guests. A pajama party will allow you to put in minimal effort for a comfortable night. Make sure to relay the theme to your guests in order for fun pictures during your casual New Years event. You can find holiday-inspired pajama sets on Amazon starting at $13.13.

2. 'Great Gatsby' themed party. 

If you have seen 'The Great Gatsby' and want to draw inspiration from the lavish parties in the movie, New Year's is a great night to host this type of party. It is important to send out an invite specifying the dress code that your guests should follow so that no one feels left out. You can find affordable decorations at Party City in order to successfully provide your guests with picture backgrounds and fun accessories for a lavish New Year.

3. Red Carpet party. 

Throwing a Red Carpet themed New Year's party is a great option if your friends and family prefer to dress up for events. You can find a red carpet to drape over your entryway at Amazon for $12.99 so that your guests can have a glamorous Hollywood experience. Make sure that your guests are prepared for many pictures in their fancy outfits so that they can bring in the New Year in a luxurious fashion.

4. Watch party. 

If you prefer an event in which a series of movies is played for you and your guests until the New Year, consider a watch party. A watch party does not require decorations, rather condiments such as hot chocolate, popcorn, and other preferred snacks. If you and those close to you enjoy a specific movie series, you can host a watch party to entertain all your guests to bring in the New Year on an interesting and comfortable note. You can find an affordable projector on Amazon for $16.99 to give your guests a movie theater experience that they will never forget.

5. Black-light party. 

A black-light party is a great way to entertain guests without needing many decorations. All you need is a black light strip kit, that retails for $25.99 on Amazon, in order to ensure that your party space is fully lit with the purple lighting. It is important to stress that the dress code should be white apparel in order for all your guests to have the opportunity to glow under the lights. If you want to add some photograph accessories, the 100 piece glow stick pack that retails for $6.99 on Amazon would be a great addition to a black light party.

Take the start of 2020 into your own hands and consider hosting one of these parties to ensure a fun and entertaining event for your closest pals and family. It is vital to send out an invitation that specifies the dress code and theme of the party in order to ensure that all of your guests understand and comply with your unique event.

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