Every year comes the time when people across the world look at their list of resolutions from the past year to see whether or not they stuck to them, and ‘succeeded’ that year. It can be an exciting time, but for most people, it goes like this: “Well I sort of stuck to that one, maybe next year.”

Here’s the thing; whether you make really specific goals like ‘losing X number of pounds,’ or ‘trying to run every day,’ or really vague goals, like ‘be healthier’, it’s hard to keep track and stick to it unless it’s something you’re actually committed to.

This year, instead of fretting over 10 different things we might do, and probably won’t keep track of, how about we make one resolution and stick to it.

“I resolve to take life as it comes in 2018.”

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, it can mean something different for everyone. It can mean rolling with the punches when things don’t go your way. It can be allowing yourself to be happy when something amazing or trivial happens. It can mean ups, and downs, and embracing all of them just the same.

That way, when Dec. 31, 2018, rolls around, you can say you stuck to your resolution. You just lived your life, and I think that’s a pretty good start to a new year.