10 New Semester Resolutions For Girls In College

10 New Semester Resolutions For The Girl Who Struggles In College

New school year, new you.


I get it, keeping those resolutions from January has been hard. The good news is that a new semester is basically a redo and a second shot at seriously going to the gym everyday. So, get organized, eat healthy, and do you this year! Make some resolutions this semester that are actually not that hard to keep.

You deserve to be at your best, girl!

1. Make more friends.


Opening up and introducing yourself to more people can create so many possibilities. You could be making a lifelong friend in class and just not know it yet.

2. Join a club.


Colleges and universities are full of clubs and opportunities that you can learn so much from to not only advance your skills, but have fun while doing it.

3. Strive for the best in your classes.


Stop turning in half-hearted assignments an hour before they're due. Instead, try to make time for them throughout the week, even if it is for a couple of hours. It makes all the difference I promise.

4. Work on your resume.


The big girl world is not that far away and keeping an updated resume on hand for that job or internship that comes up is something that you could be very grateful for in the end.

5. Focus on you.


Ignore the weird boys and drop the toxic friends. College is all about you and no one else has any right to infringe on your happiness and success.

6. Fit the gym in your schedule.


Working out is good for not only the body, but your mind, too. Taking a workout buddy is always a good time, too.

7. Prepare healthy meals and snacks.


Meal prep Sundays and smoothies for breakfast can make a huge difference in your day to day routine. You'll notice a change compared to eating 5 slices of pepperoni pizza for lunch.

8. Keep yourself organized.


Mental notes can only carry you so far. Buy a cute planner or notebook and ensure that you have all the right due dates for those big assignments and events that you don't want to miss out on.

9. Show gratitude.


Of course your parents know that you're not a spoiled brat, but take the time to thank them for buying you groceries. Thank the custodian that asked if they could take your trash. Thank the Resident Assistant that knocked on your door and told you that they're available if you need anything.

10. Maintain a good sleep schedule.


Go to bed early and tell your friends you'll go out with them on the weekend. Beauty sleep is a real thing, ladies. Make sure you get enough of it, so you can ace this year!

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