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5 Netflix Shows To Binge This Semester

Trust me, these will keep you occupied.


Its that time of year again. Whether you're returning to college or high school, you will definitely stumble upon a bit of free time between classes. Kick your end-of-summer blues with these five shows to escape the humdrum tunes of the school year.

1. “Orange is the New Black”

“Orange is the New Black" gave Netflix Originals the glamorous reputation they have today. This dramatization of the real-life imprisonment of Piper Kerman will make you laugh, cry, and shout-all in one episode. From a red-headed mobster to a yoga guru, these prisoners are far from stock characters. Even Ruby Rose makes an appearance (in a far better role than the trainwreck that was "Pitch Perfect 3.") Season six just dropped, so grab your friends and be ready to lock into the show about being locked up.

2. “Black Mirror”

This British television anthology series turned Netflix Original explores how new technologies can affect modern society. Think “1984” meets “Inception.” Each episode tells a completely different story, with totally new actors, scenarios, and settings. Many episodes require the viewer to piece together what is happening, and nothing will make complete sense until the final ten minutes. There are four seasons currently on Netflix, with each episode clocking in at about an hour. This modern “Twilight Zone” is great for binging with friends, as the suspense will have you all at the edge of your seat.

3. “Stranger Things”

Do you ever wish you were in a different world? This mysterious Netflix Original will give you eighties horror movie vibes that make you turn "Upside Down" each episode. “Stranger Things” follows the disappearance of a young boy with an ordinary life and the simultaneous appearance of a young girl with extraordinary powers. Be sure to set Netflix to automatically play one episode after the next, because you won't want to stop watching long enough to grab your remote. Season 3 is rumored to return in 2019.

4. “Riverdale”

Rich teens. Cat fights. Cole Sprouse. Murder. This thrilling drama follows a group of teenagers who struggle through high school drama and intense criminal activity. Season one and two are available on Netflix now. Season 3 just began filming in the glitz and glam of Vancouver. Luckily, Netflix's agreement with the CW channel allows for their TV shows to be streamed on Netflix just eight days after the broadcasted season finale. So if Netflix is your forte, don't worry about waiting too long after season 3 airs on cable.

5. “American Vandal”

Get ready to laugh until you cry. “American Vandal” is a genius parody of the “True Crime”documentary series. This satirical documentary follows goofy high school student Dylan, who has been accused of vandalizing 27 cars. From the moment you see what he allegedly drew, you won't quit giggling. He pleads his innocence, but his prankster past convinces his teachers and peers otherwise. Can two high school students crack the case and free Dylan? Eight episodes of extreme laughter are available to stream now on Netflix.

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