Some Lovely Quotes from "The New Romantic" (2018)
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Some Lovely Quotes from "The New Romantic" (2018)

Because how else are you going to spend quarantine if not on Netflix?

Some Lovely Quotes from "The New Romantic" (2018)

I can't tell you how many movies on Netflix I've watched over the past few weeks. Some have been great. Some have been...not so good. However there was one that stuck out to me in the best of ways. "The New Romantic" is a 2018 comedy-drama film by Director Carly Stone about a college senior and aspiring journalist named Blake Conway who is struggling to keep her romance-based column in the school paper. Her self-admitted lackluster love life fails to provide interesting enough material until an ID mix-up introduces her to the world of sugar dating.

I went into this movie with no idea of what to expect and honestly it was better that way. What I thought would be an everyday coming-of-age film surprised me with its realistic depiction of college life and the fear that comes with facing the real world. The relevant main character was a real plus too. One of the best parts of this movie was the dialogue and the matter-of-fact way it is presented. I highly recommend watching the film so you can get the full effect of the quotes listed below in all their hilarity.

"I can't have drugs, I'm emotionally unstable!"

Blake and her friend Nikki dressed up for a "Halloween in April" party.

This quote comes after Blake accidentally ingests a cupcake laced with molly that her roommate Nikki made. I don't know why it made me laugh as much as it did but it's a sentiment many college kids can relate to.

"I stayed with Tom because we were in the middle of Stranger Things and I didn't have Netflix"

Another quote involving the lovable Nikki, this time from the girl herself. While the movie is centered around romance, it tends to focus on the more realistic and negative aspects of it. Including staying with a guy just until you can get to the season finale.

"Do you believe in love? My parents got divorced...I'm good"

This is when Blake is feeling the effects of her drugged cupcake, causing her to say whatever comes to mind. It doesn't help that she says this to her sugar daddy while at a wedding. The awkwardness is astounding.

"I changed your name."

While on its own, the quote isn't much. However, Blake says it's the repetition multiple times throughout the film to the poor guys who get documented in her "anonymous" column. It does little for their conscious. Or their self esteem.

"You used me for material?" "You used me for sex."

From the end of the film this quote captures the very thesis of it all. Here is when Blake is confronted by her Sugar Daddy for documenting their relationship. It is a tense moment but the absurdity of it all really shines through.

Overall "The New Romantic" is a great feel-good movie that everyone should watch.

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