Essentials For Decorating Your Dorm Room
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12 Decor Items That Are Essential For Spicing Up That Bland Room Of Yours

Tried and true decor items with varying prices.


It's college move-in day. You unlock the door to your assigned dorm room and stare in awe. This looks nothing like "Zoey 101."

Immediately after finding out which hall I was assigned to for my freshman year of college, I went straight to YouTube to search up "Hatch Hall Dorm Room Tour." After getting an insight into what my home for the next 10 months looked like, I logged onto Pinterest to find ways to spice up a plain and bland dorm room. A-Ha! I've found the goldmine.

Suddenly, my Pinterest feed is overflowing with inspiration. I decided to dedicate a whole Pinterest board to my future college dorm makeover. Here, I've included some of my favorite decor items that I think will make any dorm room feel more like home and a bit more welcoming. Along with listing these tried and true decor items, I've included various stores that have these items for sale with varying prices. So here's to decorating a 130-ish sqft room! Oh, and don't forget shower shoes.

1. Macrame

Etsy: Large Macrame Wall Hanging in Woven Style

West Elm: SunWoven Natural Wall Hanging

World Market: Coral And Gray Fringed Wall Hanging

Modern Macrame: Custom Wall Hangings

2. Pegboard

Lowes: 1-Piece Hardboard Pegboard

Amazon: Craveit Plastic Decorative DIY Wall Pegboard

Ikea: White Pegboard

Amazon: Pegboard Room Organizer

3. Hanging plants

Etsy: Macrame Plant Hangers

Target: Set of 2 Planter Decorative Wall Sculpture

Wayfair: Addison Succulent 3-Piece Steel Wall Planter

Amazon: 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger

4. Letter board

Amazon: Felt Letter Board

Etsy: Letter Board

Target: Black Letter Board with Gray Trim

Letterfolk: The Poet White

5. Throw blanket/throw pillows

TJ Maxx: Mudcloth Cotton Throw

World Market: Ivory Fringe Indoor Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

Pottery Barn: Awning Stripe Throw

Roolee: Magnolia Home Margaret Oblong Pillow

6. Hanging wall art

World Market: Black Botanical Linen Scroll Wall Hangings Set of 2

Urban Outfitters: Wooden Print Dowel Hanger

Smallwoods: Canvas Hanging Print

Urban Outfitters: Quibe Close Art Print

7. Rug

West Elm: Souk Wool Rug

Joss and Main: Fontanne Bright White/Parfait Pink Area Rug

West Elm: Framed Arrows Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Wovenly: Boho/Bohemian Geometric Area Rug

8. Fairy lights

Amazon: Decorative Fairy Battery Powered String Lights

Michaels: LED String Lights, Copper

West Elm: LED String Lights, Sphere

Target: Fairy String Lights

9. Cart on wheels

Ikea: Utility Cart, White

Target: 3-Tier Metal Utility Cart

Office Depot: 3-Tier Steel Rolling Storage Cart, Pale Blue

At Home: White 3 Tier Flora Cart

10. Tapestry

Society6: Sierra Floral Wall Tapestry

PBTeen: World Map Tapestry

Urban Outfitters: Sketched Floral Medallion Tapestry

Red Bubble: Philadelphia (Yellow) Wall Tapestry

11. Rope rainbow wall art

Etsy: Neutral and Knotted Fiber Rainbow Wall Hanging

Pure Sweet Joy: Rope Rainbow Wall Decor

Etsy: Fiber Rainbow "Blue Lagoon"

Lavender Julep: DIY Rainbow Fibre Art Wall Hanging

12. Curtains

Target: Clipped Sheer Curtain Panel Radiant Gray

JCPenny: Liz Claiborne Quinn Lattice Grommet - Top Curtain Panel

Kohls: LC Lauren Conrad Lucie Side Ruffle Window Curtain

Pier1: Mila Pompom Ivory 84" Grommet Curtain

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