I Am Not OK That 'New Girl' Is Over

As many of you may know, New Girl, one of the best shows on the planet just ended on FOX. I, like many others, am very upset about this, and will only be able to come to terms with this horrible loss to our TV screens that we will only actually realize next Tuesday when we turn on our TVs and realize that New Girl will not be airing a new episode and our hearts will break.

The only way to cope with this loss will obviously be by playing True American, the drinking game with no rules and a surprising amount of American History facts or by binge-watching the show from the beginning on Netflix at least three times. To assist in the healing process after we have lost this show that we have all loved so much, I will be attaching a large amount of New Girl Gifs for us all to look at and use to heal.

Note: I am absolutely not doing this because I need to make a deadline tonight and nothing interesting has happened for me to write about in the past week. That is definitely, totally, 100% not the reason that I am doing this. It's not because I was working the last few days and couldn't think about what to write. I promise. I am only doing this out of the goodness of my heart for all of you to heal. Totally.

Oh, don't we all.

Us right now, because the best show in the world ended.

When FOX tries to announce new shows that aren't New Girl.

We deserved more Ruth than we got.

Can I suggest a spin-off focusing on Ruth, Cece, and Schmidt? Because I would watch that.

Okay, I think for my sanity that I should stop now and go grocery shopping for my mother.

Goodbye New Girl, you will be missed.

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