Today in the 21st-century, human civilization is rapidly evolving. The state model that founded the United States, and its collective civilization, has become obsolete; and is largely arbitrary institutions acting counter to the needs of the peoples of those states. These counteracting actions have become antithethical to the security of persons. State apparatuses have been largely controlled by special interest groups; and operating on a plutocratic/oligarchic method of wealth and money, influencing culture and legislation. These corruptions within the political mechanisms have led to states throughout their history and in the present, to commit harmful negative actions. States are guilty of crimes warranting national and international attention, such as the Flint water crisis, and those in numerous other cities across the nation; or mass graves found in Texas.

An alternative means of federalization can be one on the local level. Cities are the leading method of direct relations between civil structures and citizens. More importantly, it offers a means of legitimate civilization integration, cultural security, and economic reparations towards all peoples in the US, the native communities, and colonized territories. That have been cheated and abused by actions of the institutions of the United States. This is where both representative democracy and direct democracy are vital. The need for effective municipal systems requires legitimate communal representation. A revival of the city state model of governance becomes key; as does the spirit of federal Unionism. This idea has already been expressed to an extent within the mass media. The main point of this idea is called the "United City-States of America". In which all core cities become connected through efficient polis systems that connect the cities through a massive network of transportation and communications systems. Further connecting core cities to peripheral cities in similar networks.

Decentralized federalization, as the model I describe can be termed; unifies more extensively to every city, town, and settlement, within a unifying federal congress. Further organized on a sub regional, regional, and super-regional scale; allowing constant relations of all areas simultaneously within a single arena. Forming a larger union of strong polis systems in both core and peripheral cities. Interconnecting them to a greater extent; allowing for community integration of the national identity. Dissolving state and regional hostilities and grudges; in favor of amplifying local cultures, forming a true national melting pot.

With this model connecting the 50 United States, five territories, and District of Columbia; unifying such a superstate would reshape global perspective of unification. This could effectively serve to be a replacement model for all 206 nations of the world.

Such a federation would be capable of preserving and expressing every local community, its culture, history, and peoples, while also retaining the sense of a global community imagined within the idea of globalization. Correcting the antithetical aspects that have been propelling globalization as a culturally and environmentally destructive mechanism. If the nations of the world were able to merge with their existing Deep States; returning them back to public control/oversight of institutions. Then this form of federalization would effectively be capable of unifying the human species across the globes.

As leading military officials will acknowledge, traditional standing armies and militaries are obsolete. War has almost entirely shifted to indirect, unconventional, asymmetrical warfare. Thus, the Deep State must be used and restructured towards the benefit of the human species; in order to protect this entirely new reality unseen in all of human history. If we were to merge all existing military, intelligence agencies, national guard/Defense forces, detective structures, legitimate militia organizations, etc into a single Department of Security. And structure this Department using democratic confederalism. Then we would be effectively able to end the War on Terror; while eliminating the military systems that wage war in the obsolete sense. Nuclear arms, standing armies, massive military industrial hardware (and the military-industrial complexes that generate the hardware); all would be obsolete. Therefore, those industrial complexes would be able to be reallocated and re-purposed for new uses. Such a Department system would also eliminate out of obsolescence patrolling forms of order; namely standing police forces. Since democratic confederalism is a localized means of collective defense. Allowing for the same spirit of duty towards guardianship of friends, family, and community to be expressed.

The 21st century is a time in which humanity is progressing at such a rate that we are witnessing changes to human civilization that have not been cyclically expressed in humanity's past. Methods of the past are rapidly becoming obsolete and require large scale conscious attention for needed changes. The idea of restructuring the United States into a truly unified peoples would have global repercussions that could change the entire direction of the human species. Utopian visions of humanity's future are not fanciful notions of idealism. If the human species is going to survive the challenges this coming century faces; then we need to unify for the survival of the entire species. This model of federalization demonstrate a new option in the direction of the United States and humanity as a whole. The decision of whether we stay a divided destructive virus; or do we survive and advance forward together as a unified species?