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A new year is the best time to start a new adventure, so here I am! My name is Nishana Hamann, and I am a senior at Oregon State University. I am new here at Odyssey and I’d like to use this first post to share a little bit about myself and the things that I will be writing about while I’m here.

I like to say that my four biggest passions are art, books, kids (and the educating of kids), and coffee, and so, in following those passions, I have become an English major with an emphasis in Education and a minor in Visual Arts. I love C.S. Lewis, Shakespeare, and all things geeky. Ethnically, I am what I like to call a “mutt”, meaning that my personal culture has been shaped both biologically and socially by cultures all over the world, especially since I come from a multicultural household with family in various places all over America and Asia. I am also a Christian and that it isn’t just part of my life, it is my life. It permeates everything I am and everything I do.

Throughout my life I’ve succeeded a lot and failed a lot and part of what I want to bring to Odyssey is what I’ve learned through those experiences. I want to keep it real. I want to write about the various nuances of what it is like to be a college student and be on campus. If there are things in the news that catch my attention, you can be sure that it will show up in a post here as well. I also create short stories and I would love to share them with you all here.

Ultimately, I understand that my interests are not everyone’s interests, but if my writing can inspire one person to try something new, or bring one smile to a reader’s face, then it will have all been worth it. So whether it is sharing a bit of my life experience, or reviewing a new favorite book or art medium, I am at your service! And so the adventure begins...

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