Lots of people in my generation are obsessed with video games. They are talked about non-stop and are becoming one of the most popular trends ever within my age group. I am a part of that small percentage who doesn’t play video games.

Growing up, I never really gravitated or got excited over the idea of playing video games. They never excited me or gave me the satisfaction that everyone else was getting from them. It was never my first choice, but if a friend invited me over to play them or if video games were the hype at a party, I’d play them.

I just do not understand what makes them so addicting and fascinating. I’ve always had a short attention span so I always got tired of doing the same thing over and over again pretty quickly.

What is so crazy to me is how popular they are becoming in my generation and the one below us. Games I’ve heard about nonstop in college are Fortnite, PUBG, and many more of them that I cannot remember.

I talked to a fellow Video game nerd in one of my classes and asked him why he loves video games so much. In summary, he said that he loves the feeling of escaping reality and entering a virtual, fake world. He gets to live a life in someone else’s shoes while achieving levels in the game. I thought this was really interesting because I’ve never thought of video games in such an intimate way as he does.

To me, video games are a form of procrastination from getting homework done. I do not know why, but I’ve always seen them in this way which makes me want to avoid them even more. I do not want to get lost in the super dark hole we call video games.

I do not mean to offend anyone who likes video games at all. I know just how fun, exciting, and never-ending this form of entertainment can be! I have best friends who love video games and hold them dear to their heart. My Father and Brother love them as well, so I do not have anything against anyone who plays video games.

I am writing this article to explain that I cannot relate to the vast majority of individuals who enjoy playing video games. I am that very small percent who isn’t into them at all whatsoever. I love watching other people play, but I’ve never been one to play them myself.

How do you feel about video games? What are your thoughts on more and more people become accustomed to playing video games? Hearing others opinions on this subject is fascinating to me because my regular audience is very diverse! Thank you for reading this week, and if you’re a gamer, play on!