You Will Never Be Good Enough To Please Everyone So Stop Trying

You Will Never Be Good Enough To Please Everyone So Stop Trying

Don't let adversity drag you down, but rather let it rage inside you like a hurricane that can't be stopped.

You know what you do will never be enough for people. No matter what you do, people will be criticizing you for the choices you will or have made. No one will ever fully accept everything you do. Someone will always find a problem, one way or another, with what you do. It's a fact of life. But ya know what?

Fuck them. Fuck them all. You do what makes you happy. Even if it pisses people off. Piss 'em off. Tell them to, "Piss off!" Go ahead and shed people's opinions and expectations. Go do what makes you happy and live for yourself.

Be wild. Be lazy. Be calm. Be happy. Be whatever the hell you want.


Because you only have one life, so live it as if there is no tomorrow.

People will try to chain you to a place so you can never roam and be free to be yourself. So I say, strain against those chains. Let that chain be wrapped around your wrist and pulled taut as you struggle to free yourself of others' expectations. Let the blood from your struggles fuel you and allow you to slip free from the pain and labels. Let your tears give you more strength to battle your demons, so you can shut out those negative voices and only hear the voice that matters most: your own.

And when you snap that chain, I hope you walk away stronger because not being good enough for others is good enough for you.

You don't want to impress others, and you will never be good enough to your friends', families', and strangers' expectations of who you should be, so stop trying. Because you are who you are, and that's beautiful all on its own.

Use the pain that they cause to make yourself happy. Use it stroke your inner fire and push off everyone's hateful words that are only meant to tear you own. Instead of crumbling, rise. Rise like the waves reaching for the moon. Rise like a lighthouse on a cliff during a storm. Stand tall and proud of every choice you made. Even the bad ones.

Have no regrets because you can proudly say, "At least I tried."

I'm never going to be good enough for the people around me, and honestly, that's fine because it's me living my life. It's my life and I refuse to let anyone make me feel ashamed of the choices I made.

Every choice you make, makes you even more of the person you were supposed to be. I don't believe in a God, but I do believe in fate. Every mistake and every success adds up, molding you into who you are. And who you are is unique and special.

Don't let adversity drag you down, but rather let it rage inside you like a hurricane that can't be stopped.

So, reject me because I may not be good enough for your standards, and in turn, I'll keep loving you for who you are because no one should ever be made to feel as if they are lesser or not good enough.

Because you are good enough.

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10 Things that Happen After You Drop Your Sorority

So much weight is lifted off your shoulders when you finally decide to follow your gut.


After two semesters of trying to force a puzzle piece that just didn't fit, I dropped my sorority. It was the best thing I ever did, and to the many (MANY) people I know contemplating doing the same thing... DO IT. Don't make yourself small and let them put you in a box you don't belong. Here's what you can look forward to when you drop:

1. Freedom to POST POST POST


Gone are the days when you have someone up your butt telling you to take this down or that down... I actually went through a time where I really disconnected from social media and it wasn't cleansing, it was in fear of being told I was wrong. That's not a way to live, trust me.

2. Making $$$ selling all your shit


Srat girls love to buy your used t-shirts and canvases. It's really a win-win situation. I want money and to get rid of everything related to the sorority, and THEY want to buy it! Money is always nice.

3. Fake texts


All the sudden, the people that never talked to you before will pop in and act like they were there all along. Fake apologies, fake 'let's hang out' texts, fake gasps.

4. Saving a RIDICULOUS amount of money


Just for upcoming recruitment, I would have had to spend at least 100$ buying their specific outfits. Nowhere in the real world requires you to wear white pants or specifically ripped jeans. Maybe try pantsuits? That's badass (and not done).

And don't even get me started on dues and the 'non-required' t-shirts.

5. Less notifications


I enjoy having no useless and dreaded notifications/texts. Straight up, I used to panic every time.

6. Time and more time


No more Sunday meetings, standards meetings, extra meetings, recruitment meetings, etc. Now you can actually work a normal schedule, and not have to constantly be hurrying to do XYZ because sorority thinks it is the only thing on the planet you are doing.

7. You aren't associated with them anymore


Their name doesn't follow you anywhere, now. Thank God because my success has no place for their mistakes. Gone are the days where guys think you're 'easy because they are' and a 'hard partier' or a 'slutty stoner.'

8. Real things can take up room on your resume


I joined a sorority to build connections and professional relationships, and that was the LAST thing on anybody's mind. So, take an internship. Or volunteer with people who actually like to volunteer.

9. There aren't constant competitions anymore


Everyone always trying to one-up each other gets tiring. I like to enjoy everyone's successes in their time, not constantly after competing though. So now I can actually enjoy my own successes without wondering who's going to try and outshine me next.



The drama was the worst part. I'm pretty dramatic, but I had NEVER experienced bullshit drama like sorority drama. It's also the most pointless, and usually because one person is guilty of doing something wrong and being called out for it.

Leaving the sorority improved my mental health, and was a weight lifted off of my shoulders. I never felt more alone being surrounded by over 40 women who didn't actually care.

Focus on making genuine connections with people in your classes (because you're more likely to have things in common) and people in the professional world. Focus on your grades, and living genuinely. But most of all, listen to your gut and do what is right for you. These experiences are solely my own.

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To The Ones Who Struggle To Love The Skin They're In

Getting real about body image issues.


I've been there. Scrolling through Instagram photos, watching a movie or seeing ads in magazines with seemingly perfect looking humans wondering why I don't look that way. Wondering what I can do to look that way. Wondering how awesome their lives must be since they're so effortlessly perfect looking all the time. Wondering how much better my life would be if I looked that way too. Then looking in the mirror at myself picking apart my appearance and pointing out all the things that make me less than perfect and thinking of ways to fix those things. Thinking maybe if I wear my hair and makeup this way and if I try this diet and this workout plan and maybe if I try these angles in photographs and wear these clothes then maybe, just maybe I will look perfect too. Anybody with me?

So many people, boys and girls, men and women, struggle to love the body they have been given, but why? Whose standard of perfection are we trying to live up to? Who has told us to believe that we can't love our bodies until we weigh this much or until we have this much muscle build or until we have this certain body shape? Society and the media have put this false perception of perfection in our minds and we're falling for it. But I'm here to tell you that you were made for so much more than trying to strive for unrealistic perfection.

There is a quote I heard once from a woman named Cambria Joy and she said this, "We were created by God, not to perfect our own image, but to reflect His image." This is the truth. The reason we struggle to reach this idea of perfection we have is that it's not the truth, it's not what we were created to do and no matter how much we think it would satisfy us, it wouldn't. We have to step away from the mirror and stop being image perfecters and instead be image reflectors of Christ. When you become an image bearer for the Kingdom you will be truly beautiful. This earthly beauty fades but Christ's beauty lives in us forever. There are a few tangible ways to step into living a life that reflects Christ that I learned from Cambria as well because this is a lot easier said than done.

The first thing is to read the bible and pray every day. When you know God's word you know Him, and you know His truth so when the enemy tries to have you believing lies about yourself you'll know them for what they are, lies. Your mind will be set on things above and your foundation will be unshakeable when you pursue His heart daily.

Another step to take is to build other men and women up around you. We were made for community. We were made to be one body, one church, to be in unity with one another. If we're constantly tearing each other down then community doesn't seem fun and people will run from it and then unity doesn't happen. So, build others up and show them grace and love as Jesus would.

One of the hardest things, in my opinion, is to stop the comparison. This is a huge step, but it is necessary when becoming am image bearer for the Kingdom. Comparison will leave you feeling empty and unsatisfied, it steals your joy and ultimately takes your eyes off of Jesus and puts it on to earthly things. There's no need to compare because you were created exactly as you are, on purpose, for a purpose.

Finally, remind yourself every day of the truth that you are beautiful just the way you are. God says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. He says there is no flaw in you. You were created in His perfect image. He meticulously created every tiny detail about you and you are one of His marvelous works.

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