7 Netflix Shows and Series to Consider Watching
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7 Netflix Shows and Series to Consider Watching

Exploring the fun yet critical lenses of television today.

7 Netflix Shows and Series to Consider Watching

This is a response to Films In The Spirit Of Summer.

As an avid reader and viewer of film and television, I love watching television shows and films. Being able to analyze the context and setting of my favorite show and understanding the relation between social constructs of today’s society is intriguing to me. Being able to access the digital libraries of popular film hubs can give viewers cinematic experiences from the comfort of their own homes. We can watch new shows and films or take to nostalgic tendencies of familiarized cinema.

I will not go into depth on my list of television shows, because I feel like I could give a never-ending list or description as to why I love these shows. But let us get started with a list of show recommendations from Netflix.


Looks at a Manhattan corporate firm, following attorney Harvey Spector and his prodigy associate Mike Ross.

“Emily in Paris”

Follows Chicago marketing executive Emily Cooper embracing a new job and potential promotion as she travels to Paris.

“Stranger Things”

The show follows a group of individuals in a small town in Indiana uncovering supernatural activities and government exploitation. With season 5 to come out, **hopefully soon**, this show will be on anyone's recommended list.

“The Maid”

Follows a young mother seeking refuge from an abusive relationship while trying to support her and her child's life to build a better future. This show gives the viewers insights on a true story of a mother's life and can allow viewers to better understand these sorts of situations.

“The Rain”

Follows young survivors of a rain-borne virus seeking safety and figuring out the truth behind government doors. I am really intrigued by this show, and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.


This follows the friendship of three young women in high school as they attend a Shoplifters Anonymous group.


A romance story following the lives of siblings in the Bridgerton family trying to find love. During the Regency era, a sub-period of the longer Georgian Era, which dated the years of 1811 to 1820. This era is noted for well-known authors, styles of art, and fashions. The gestures of romance, yet betrayals played out by characters are so intriguing.

All these shows are on Netflix currently, I totally recommend watching all of them. But I cannot just stop at Netflix, right? We all have our favorite shows not just constricted to on platform. Other amazing shows not on Netflix to consider are “Survivor,” “Only Murders in the Building,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “The Bold Type.”

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