Watching shows or movies on Netflix is one of my favorite pastimes. If you don't watch any show on Netflix, I really don't know what to say. I decided to compile a list of my top 10 favorite things I like to watch on Netflix, and that I think everyone should watch at least once in their lifetime.

1. "Friends"

This show is a CLASSIC. It isn't very hooking so you don't have to worry about getting addicted. The episodes are only 20 minutes long and they are sure to bring up your mood. I love to watch "Friends" when I am getting too stressed with school work and need a small break. I recommend you do too.

2. "The Office"

To be honest, I JUST started watching "The Office." I am not a huge fan and I definitely like "Friends" better but my friends tell me the show gets better and it is also a very funny, light show.

3. "Riverdale"

I made the mistake of starting to watch this show thinking that it was like the Archie comics series. I was wrong. The only similarity between Archie comics and "Riverdale" is the name and looks of the character. That and they both are very good pieces of entertainment. Unlike Archie comics, "Riverdale" is not the light comic relief: it is filled with drama and mystery. I am not a huge fan of drama, but the mystery component of this show has me hooked. Fair warning though, the start of season 2 is kind of boring. It gets better throughout season 2, so keep watching!

4. "Sherlock"

If you haven't watched "Sherlock," you are missing out. "Sherlock" is yet another classic. Each season, each episode just keeps getting better and better. Each episode will blow your mind.

5. "The People vs OJ Simpson"

I rarely ever watch crime/law shows (though there are many on my to-watch list). However my friend forced me to start watching this, and I can confidently say that I do not regret it. This is one of the most hooking and interesting non-fiction show. Even if you aren't a big crime/law show fan, this one is a MUST WATCH. The event this show/documentary is based on still amazes me.

6. "Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King"

Hasan Minhaj is my FAVORITE comedian. He is hilarious and finds a way to beautifully insert social commentary in his skits. His Netflix show "Homecoming King" is HILARIOUS and really accurately portrays the life of an Indian American. Everyone should watch this at least once.

7. "Stranger Things"

I liked the first season better than the second, but I still love the show. I think "Stranger Things" is one of the few shows that are very popular shows that is not overhyped. This show has its supernatural element without being cringey. It is an amazing show and if you haven't watched it yet, drop everything you are doing and go watch it right now.

8. "Jane The Virgin"

When I initially watched the first episode I thought that it was very "meh." Not a show I would like. But, as I kept watching, I fell in love with the show. I recommend you watch!! The show keeps getting better each season. This show is a relatively lighter show which has humor, drama, and suspense. A mix of each genre in this show. The acting is amazing and each character is so loveable.

9. "Grey's Anatomy"

If you didn't already know, "Grey's Anatomy" is one of my FAVORITE shows. This show is filled with drama, romance, and sometimes even humor. The only downside to this show is that it can get VERY addicted but also VERY dramatic (more than I would like at the time). When it gets too dramatic I usually just take a break and watch "Friends" or "The Office" or "Jane The Virgin." Despite the at-times-excessive drama, I still highly recommend watching this show. It will take you on one big roller coaster.

10. "Coco"

This movie is honestly the cutest family movie ever. It will make you laugh at some parts of the movie and cry at other parts. I have watched this movie three times and I can definitely watch it one more time.

Realistically, there are SO MANY MORE movies and TV shows you can watch. But these were just the top 10 that I thought were must watches. Have fun watching!!