If you're anything like me, binge-watching Netflix shows is basically your second job. You're always discovering new shows and watching all of the seasons in record time.

Then, there's a period of time when you're specifically obsessed with one show and everything seems to relate to it, until you move onto a new one. We've been through them all: "Grey's Anatomy," "The Walking Dead," "Orange Is the New Black," "The Office," "Friends," "Game of Thrones" and many more.

I think you feel the same way as I do: It's time for something new; it's time for a new show that completely takes a turn into directions you could never imagine. "Stranger Things" is a thrilling Netflix-original drama that introduces young, new actors and actresses. It doesn't involve the usual television world of relationship issues, medical emergencies, zombie apocalypses or strictly humor-filled characters. It involves things that will be a challenge for your mind to comprehend.

Season one revolves solely around the disappearance of a 12-year-old boy. This disappearance leads into a heart-racing investigation that only continues down more and more paths of ultimate danger and surprises.

Who can be trusted? It's almost impossible to tell. The local authorities help push the investigation, but will it fall into the wrong hands? The young boy, Will, is not the only problem on these characters' hands. Secret government experiments and supernatural forces also play a major role, which only leads to more and more questions and cliff-hangers.

Not only are the plots interesting and impossible to look away from, but the settings are as well. This show takes place in the 1980s. The little amount of technology makes the show nostalgic for some and intriguing for others. Instead of a simple text message like nowadays, land-line phones and massive walkie talkies are used.

The determination of a mother. The missing presence of a child. The runaway girl. The mysterious lab run by the government. The terrifying woods. The "superpowers." The intelligent children. The hidden romance. The few believers. The unanswered questions.

SMALL SPOILER ALERT (this will not give too much away, but it will definitely have you wanting to watch the show in seconds): "Stranger Things" does not only take place in the world that we know of. It has its own two dimensional reality that completely mimics the first dimension.

For example, look around your town, your street and your house. Inside your house, the furniture is set up in a certain way and things are where you left them. Now imagine another world that looks exactly the same. That's the other dimension, except it does not have the life in it that we are used to. But the real concerns are how do you get there and more importantly, how do you leave?

If you're tired of predictable television shows, then "Stranger Things" is definitely one to keep in mind. I'm surprised by how much it caught my attention with only one season currently on Netflix. These eight episodes had me on the edge of my seat waiting for more. I was waiting to see what would be said next, revealed next, found next, hidden next and what would overall be next to send chills spilling down my spine.

If you've heard anything about this series, you may have heard the words "aliens", "creatures" or "monsters." Which all may be correct, or maybe none are even close to correct. You'll have to figure that out on your own.

These "supernatural forces" that I've been discussing, how do they play a part? This isn't another television show where aliens attempt to take over the world, it's a show that involves supernatural forces in a way that makes more sense than a random invasion. It will have you questioning your own reality. Frankly, I've already said too much.

If you're intrigued by reading this and need a new Netflix series to watch in your well-deserved free time, "Stranger Things" should without a doubt be on your "watch" list really soon. Don't let the title fool you. "Stranger Things" could mean absolutely anything, but you're going to have to find out what it truly means.

Also, don't think season one is all there is. There's word going around about a season two being made soon! Get watching!