Long are the days of rushing home to catch your favorite TV show. While the invention of the DVR can be initially blamed for this, it's safe to say that most people don't even watch a series as it aires. Why is this? Netflix.

We now live in a world where you can watch episode after episode without having to wait a week for the next one to air. In fact, many of our favorite TV shows do not even air during scheduled cable time anymore. Instead, a block of about 12 episodes is released onto Netflix, all on the same day. Sure, you can watch an entire season in one sitting, but where is the fun and anticipation in that?

Years ago, watching TV was about more than entertainment, but about socializing too. I may have been too young to participate in this madness myself, but I was old enough to understand how it operated. Most people would make sure that they wouldn't miss an episode of the Soprano's on Sunday night not just for the sake of staying up to date with the airing but being able to join in on the conversation the next morning at work. Today, the only show I can think of off the top of my head that achieves the same type of live viewership is Game of Thrones (as someone who does not watch the show, I can speak to this through my experiences of being left out in a conversation).

Even though there are few television occasions today where we can take part in live-tweeting, the fun of watching a TV show live and it is the topic of conversation the following day is ultimately over, thanks to Netflix. As we reminisce about the good old days, we will always love Netflix for the bulk of complete seasons it provides us with when waiting out the cliffhanger is unbearable.