9 Reasons John B From Netflix's 'Outer Banks' Is The Dream Boyfriend
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9 Reasons John B From Netflix's 'Outer Banks' Is The Quarantine Boyfriend You Need RN

The only love I need right now, TBH.

9 Reasons John B From Netflix's 'Outer Banks' Is The Quarantine Boyfriend You Need RN

Sure, experts are saying now's the perfect time to find true love but in my expert opinion, what's truer than finding your dream boyfriend on the small screen? No drama, just fun.

Should you be looking to swap out your old television boyfriends for a new one while cooped up at home, it's time to watch Netflix's new show "Outer Banks." Because living vicariously through the love story of John B and Sarah on your TV screen is a surefire way to enjoy at least one day (yes, I binged it for 10 straight hours, leave me alone) in quarantine.

Here are nine reasons John B, played by 27-year-old Charles Stokes, is the dream quarantine boyfriend:

He's a babe, for starters.

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no complaints here

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Not much more to add to this point, honestly. He's hot and everyone knows it, so let's get Chase Stokes in more shows or movies, please and thank you so much.

He's independent.

After his mother left him at an early age and his father mysteriously "disappeared at sea," John B was forced to take care of himself. Even at 16 (the actor is 27 in real life, relax), when everyone else is being a reckless teenager, all of his decisions were for his survival.

He’s mature.

Though he really doesn't have a choice given his circumstances, John B handles most things better than some thirty year olds. Including the fact that he's constantly running away from people who want to murder him.

He's respectful of women.

Unlike Sarah's boyfriend, Topper, who throws a fit when she changes her mind about sleeping with him, John B is patient and kind, suggesting that they wait, which naturally makes her actually want to do it.

He's rugged.

He works on a boat in the sun all day, his hair is always a salty mess, he's always sweating and dirty, and (let's face it) it's hot.

He's a really good friend.

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april 15 🤙

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Even when Kie wanted him to choose between her and Sarah, he wouldn't. He was determined to make Kie see the good in her, while also refusing to give up on Kie.

He's a loyal son.

Even though he got a little reckless once he found out what happened to his dad (going to keep it this vague to not completely spoil it for anyone who hasn't finished season 1), he made all of his decisions for his father.

He’s willing to risk his life for the ones he loves.

In every situation he's in, whether it's with his friends or Sarah, he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect the things and people he loves, regardless of whether that means he dies in the process.

He’s in touch with his emotions.

Though he is incredibly strong throughout the entire movie, when he's saying goodbye to all of his pals at the end and telling them to say goodbye to Sarah for him, he starts to cry.

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