6 Netflix Originals That Are Actually Worth Your Time
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6 Netflix Originals That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Netflix has a lot of fluff on their platform, let's thin that heard shall we?

6 Netflix Originals That Are Actually Worth Your Time

Pretty much every Netflix original on the platform is met with an astounding "meh" so my duty as an avid Netflix watcher is to narrow that list down and tell you the ones that are actually worth your time.

1. "Arrested Development"


I know what you're going to say, "Alex this isn't an actual Netflix original" and you're absolutely right, this is just my excuse to plug a show that I really like. "Arrested Development" is all about the story of a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together. It has this "tragedy in comedy" sort of vibe where a bunch of characters thinks they're doing the right thing when in reality their combined decisions lead to an even worse outcome. It's also like "Parks and Rec" in the sense that there are some really good actors who found popularity thanks to the show they were apart of. Definitely worth the watch (Besides the seasons Netflix actually worked on those are garbage).

2. "Kengan Ashura"


"Kengan Ashura" is one of those shows that looks really not good until you actually start watching it. The show's plot revolves around an underground fight-to-the-death tournament run by the world's wealthiest companies. What makes the show special is its animation, or should I say lack thereof. See, the show is almost completely done in CGI. If you're not a weeb and you don't know what CGI is, I'll explain. CGI is basically 3D computer animation, and most of the time it's jarring to watch. This is because most animes are 2D animation, and a sudden jump like that hurts the eyes but when it's almost always CGI, things aren't that bad. And since it's all CGI, the fight scenes don't have to hold back. They really go all out, and the fights alone are worth watching.

3. "You"


This is one of the only Netflix Originals that could rival actual television, and anyone who's seen the show can absolutely agree. If you somehow haven't watched You yet, here's the synopsis. Joe is a guy who just wants to be loved, like anyone else, but unlike anyone else, he'll do anything to ensure his shot at love. We follow Joe as he attempts to simultaneously get the girl of his dreams and keep anyone from so much as glancing at her. It's this really interesting scope into the eyes of a murderer that almost makes him an anti-hero. We know what Joe is doing is wrong, but we can't stop watching and hoping everything works out for him in the end.

4. "F is for Family"


Ah yes, the classic dysfunctional family goes through an absurd string of events plot, how original. But seriously, I do believe "F is for Family" has a lot more to offer than other shows like "Family Guy" or "Paradise PD." For one it actually has a progressing story with actually likable characters, so it's already doing better than the half-baked animated shows nowadays. To aid the show even more most of the episodes are created by Bill Burr, you know, that one guy who's the whole personality is being a total asshole to everyone he meets. But seriously, the guy is pretty funny and his "no bullshit" style of humor does pay off, especially in a show like "F is for Family" It's on its fourth season and I wasn't even aware so it looks like I have some catching up to do.

5. "Bird Box"


A surprise to absolutely no one, "Bird Box" is the other Netflix Original that rivals actual television. What makes "Bird Box" special is its antagonist, a force we can't even see, and that's the point. The whole premise of the movie is that there's this ominous force that, once you look at it, will instantly warp your mind into either killing yourself or forcing others to see the same fate. It's a really interesting idea to not even let the viewer see the biggest threat to the main characters. This even forces the characters to think outside the box with ideas like using the detection systems in an SUV to navigate the streets as well as acting as an easy mode of transportation. I highly doubt I need to tell you what "Bird Box" is because you've most likely watched it by now, but why not rewatch it?

6. "Stranger Things"


I actually almost went this entire article without even mentioning Stranger things and that in it of itself is a war-crime (I think). "Stranger Things" also belong in that category of "How have you not seen this already?" They show follows a group of teenagers as they try to discover and solve the case of mysterious "Dungeons and Dragons"-like monsters breaking from their homeworld and into the real world. We watch as these kids try to survive and stop the mess that's ridding the world of horror but also try to be teenagers. Again I feel like I shouldn't have to explain this but "Stranger Things" is a must-watch and if you aren't hyped for season four then we can't be friends.

Here were six Netflix originals that need to be on your binge-watch list. Now, go one and binge-on.

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