Fall In Love This Christmas With These 5 Netflix Original Holiday Movies

Fall In Love This Christmas With These 5 Netflix Original Holiday Movies

Hallmark I'll let you keep producing Christmas romance movies, but Netflix has been making some of the best Christmas movies of all time.

As soon as November 1st rolled around I was browsing Netflix looking and hoping to find a great, heartwarming Christmas movie. Netflix has stepped up its game in the last few years and has released some of the best Christmas movies that will definitely make you want to curl up in bed all day. The original Netflix romantic comedy films are some of my favorite productions anyway because they're the perfect amount of comedy and cheesy romance that will give you the best feeling. If you're like me and love the Netflix Originals, you will love these five Christmas favorites.

"The Princess Switch"

the princess switch

Starring Vanessa Hudgens, "The Princess Switch" has all the great qualities of a Christmas romance film. Vanessa Hudgens doubles as a baker from Chicago, Stacy DeNovo, and a princess from a fictional country, Lady Margaret Delacourt the Dutchess of Montenaro. It is a classic look-alike/ twin swap. The two characters trade places for two days and may or may not fall in love along their adventure.

"A Christmas Prince"

a christmas prince

"A Christmas Prince" is the perfect enacting of every little girls' dream - to met and marry a prince. Amber Moore, a journalist in New York, gets sent to Aldovia (another fictional country) to get the inside scoop on the prince who is soon to be the King. While Amber is on her mission, she gets a little too involved with the family and finds out a dark family secret that could damage the royal family's reputation. And, spoiler, Amber and the prince fall madly in love.

"A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding"

a christmas prince: royal wedding

A sequel to "A Christmas Prince," "A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding" shows Amber and the Prince's lives preparing for the royal wedding on Christmas after their engagement the year before. The couple must find a way to overcome the challenges of being a royal couple together. This December, Netflix will release the third movie of this series - "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby," and I can't wait to see that story unfold.

"The Holiday Calendar"

the holiday calendar

Abby Sutton, played by Kat Graham, and Josh Barton, played by Quincy, are lifelong best friends. Josh, who had been abroad adventuring, comes back to see Abby as she is currently working at a dead-end job as a photographer. It is later uncovered that Josh came back to pursue a romantic relationship with Abby. Although the two have a dispute, an advent calendar given to Abby by her grandfather will bring the two together to live happily ever after.

"Christmas Inheritance"

christmas inheritance

This movie is next on my list to watch soon. I have seen the trailer to this Christmas romance, and I must say it looks like the perfect holiday film. The premise of the movie is a daughter of a famous business owner, who is soon to inherit the business, having to venture to a town to deliver something in person. Soon after her arrival, a snow storm comes preventing her to return home. While she is there, she finds that she enjoys living a simpler life that isn't in the limelight.

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