NESN Anchor Denies Harassing Young Actress Over Text: "Friend Took My Phone"

NESN Anchor Denies Harassing Young Actress Over Text: "Friend Took My Phone"

"It wasn't me. The ghost of Creepy Anchors Past stole my phone and texted her!"

There has been a lot of uproar this week in my town, of Northampton, after a local actress revealed in a Facebook post the incessant messages she had been receiving from a NESN anchor.

Alyssa Labrie, 22, was doing a photoshoot for headshots in Downtown Noho back in July when a man randomly claiming to work "in the business" approached asking for her contact. Hoping to network, Labrie gave him her number, only to end up receiving a series of unprovoked text messages from him for nearly three months. These ranged from requests to see each other and talk to photos and videos serving as evidence of his successful career.

At one point when he asked to meet up in August, Labrie said she was too busy. His immediate response was to point out that he “on network television six nights a week,” so if he could find time to meet up, surely she could. This is just one example of his use of his success in his career to shame hers (Note: he is 10 years older than her... even though he acts like he's 10 years younger.)

Realizing that he had intentions that went beyond a simple network connection, Labrie stopped responding to his messages at large, hoping he would get the hint. Last week, however, he texted her again, asking if she’d like to meet up for drinks. Labrie politely declined, saying she had plans. Now realizing that subtlety wasn't getting her point across, she finally explained that she had only given him her contact for professional purposes.

Then this delightful conversation happened:

Caroline Phinney of Babe wrote an article about the incident after an interview with Labrie. Blogger Ali Reid took it a step further, securing an interview with the anchor himself to expand upon the piece. She spoke with Labrie, who revealed the man be NESN anchor and reporter Marc James.

Reid went on to email James, only to receive a “No Caller ID” phone call hours later.

He claimed that someone else was responsible for the text messages. Supposedly, on the night he last asked her to meet up with her, he was watching football with friends, when a girl he was with took his phone and started responding to Labrie’s messages, claiming a girl named Alyssa was “being a bitch” to him. He thus claims he had no “idea” any of the subsequent messages had even been sent and that this girl was the one who blocked Labrie. James claims he couldn’t even read the old messages because they had been deleted from his phone, and that he was “extremely irate” upon hearing about the incident. “This is definitely not me… at all, at all.” Read the full response in Reid's article.

Reid goes on to reveal her discovery, from a simple Google search, of multiple charges against James’ character. A particularly telling example is an online forum where a user claims that James' last name is actually “Benarzyk” but he had to change it to James because he “burned so many bridges in Miami and Tampa, that he didn’t want it to find him in his new gig.” You can read that forum .

Credentials aside, I have so many problems with this guy.

These text messages are just one example of how men in the entertainment industry mistreat and abuse women daily. Young women seeking careers in entertainment are particularly vulnerable because success in the industry is at times entirely dependent on who you know. It should be obvious to anyone that to dangle a network connection in a young woman’s face, only to use it as a method of getting something more, is cruel and despicable.

The part that really gets me, though, is his obviously fraudulent claim that his “friend” wrote the text messages. There are so many problems with his response that I just have to pull it apart:

  1. ...No one would text someone they DON’T know, from someone ELSE’S phone for this long. Sure, maybe for a single text, but there is some serious emotional attachment to the argument here that only James could have had. I mean, look at the use of caps (which, apparently, is also something James does frequently).
  2. Why would his “friend” feel that she has the right to block a woman and delete messages from his phone?
  3. Shouldn’t he have realized his friend was on his phone for that long and gotten suspicious?
  4. Why would he trust his “friend” with his phone if she is the type of person who would do this?
  5. It’s funny how he texted Labrie for months by his own will but it’s only on the night when she made the Facebook post that he claims his “friend” was the one texting.

Honestly, this argument is almost farcical. You’re not fooling anyone, buddy. You got caught.

Maybe it’s time for you to change your name and run away again. Or you could, y’know, start treating women with respect.

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Comedian Aziz Ansari's Sexual Misconduct Showed Me That 'Time's Up' For Ignorance

My reaction to Aziz Ansari's sexual misconduct allegation

OK, so I think by now we’re all aware of the trend in today’s Hollywood. More and more sexual misconduct allegations are coming to light, and more and more of my beloved Hollywood idols are slowly revealing themselves to be the opposite of who I’d envisioned them to be. Take the latest wrongdoer. You may know him as the creator of Netflix staple, "Master of None" (easily one of my favorite shows on the streaming service) — the funny, incredibly likable Aziz Ansari. Who would’ve thought that he’d be the next star to be shamelessly exposed? When I first heard the news, I glared at my cracked phone screen in confusion, then leaped to my laptop for further sleuthing. It appeared the situation had a narrative like so...

Girl named Grace meets Ansari at an LA party.

Grace is starstruck by Ansari, and luckily for her, he likes her, too.

Grace gets his number, and the two chat it up in New York,

Grace agrees to go on a date with him and gets ready for what she thinks will be a beautiful night.

Now THIS is when it all starts going downhill.

Ansari rushes through a date at an upscale restaurant and quickly gets ready for desert.

Grace returns to his house and reluctantly accepts Ansari’s sexual advances.

Ansari asks for more, and Grace is clearly not willing.

But Grace does some of it anyways and leaves Ansari’s residence in tears

Grace is then too afraid to tell her story, until she sees Ansari again.

But this time, he's on TV at the Emmy Awards, proudly boasting a “Time’s up” pin as he braves the stage.

And there you have it, but of course, that's not the end of the story. As many of the convicted do, Ansari released a statement in which he said he was "surprised and concerned" that Grace was not comfortable, referencing the text he received saying so the morning after their encounter. After “taking the time to process” her words, Ansari responded that he really "took her words to heart" and responded "privately."

This situation just goes to show that even those who wear the ‘Time’s Up’ pin and vocally support female victims of sexual harassment and assault still do not understand what sexual misconduct is. They may see themselves as completely different from the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, but it is equally just as bad to support a cause that one simultaneously perpetuates. I’m sure there are hundreds of Ansaris in Hollywood, nice guys who make a wrong move without knowing, but it’s 2018; people have to learn the difference between yes and no. The time’s up on excusing this type of ignorance.

Cover Image Credit: WikiMedia

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The Mortal Instruments And More: The Books, The Order, And The Allure Of The Shadowhunter Chronicles By Cassandra Clare

The cool thing about The Shadowhunter Chronicles is that order doesn’t necessarily matter.

I’m sure most people who are reading this article have heard of Cassandra Clare, “The New Queen of Fantasy” according to the Wall Street Journal. The Shadowhunter Chronicles follow a demon-hunting race called Shadowhunters who help maintain order in a world full of supernatural creatures secretly living alongside humans.

The series is full of high-octane battles, political turbulence, romance, magic, and everything else you’d expect to find in a Young Adult urban fantasy.

I’ve been a huge fan of Cassandra Clare’s books ever since a friend introduced me to City of Bones back in 2011, the first book in The Mortal Instruments.

Years have passed since I picked up my very first Cassandra Clare story and, as of now, she has released eleven books, two collections of short stories, and other works within the world of the Shadowhunters with more to come. For nearly seven years now, these books have played an essential role in my growing love of reading.

Clare has crafted a complex world that utilizes supernatural creatures both familiar and new and has constructed a plethora of intricate and captivating characters for readers to fall in love with—my beloved Jem Carstairs, for example.

The Mortal Instruments (abbreviated TMI) is comprised of six books and is the first series written about this world. It is set in New York City around 2006-2007. The Infernal Devices (TID) is the second series written as a prequel to TMI and is set in Victorian London starring ancestors of characters we know from the first series.

The Dark Artifices (TDA) is set in Los Angeles several years after the events of TMI and will be followed by the soon-to-be-released The Last Hours trilogy which will act as a sequel to TID set in the Edwardian Era. The Shadowhunter Chronicles is the umbrella title used to encompass all of the presently published and soon-to-be-published books in this world.

You may already be confused by all of these titles, abbreviations, dates, settings, etc. and that is understandable. But don't be overwhelmed. What Clare is trying to do is build a world with a rich history that gives the reader an idea of how extensive and complex the Shadowhunter world is.

The reading order of these books can be confusing and is somewhat up to preference. I personally like to read the books in publication order; Cassandra Clare plotted each series so that they complimented each other and in my opinion, the way to earn the best reading experience is by reading them according to publication dates.

I’ve heard people complain that the reason they aren’t picking these books up is due to how “confusing” the order can be and how they don't want to dedicate themselves to such a long series. Well, the cool thing about The Shadowhunter Chronicles is that order doesn’t necessarily matter.

If you don’t think City of Bones is right for you, you can start with Clockwork Angel in the prequel trilogy to give you a foothold in the world. One series is not necessarily reliant on the other in this case. However, once you get into The Dark Artifices, TMI is heavily referenced and a prior knowledge is recommended.

One of the big reasons I think these books are so great is because we can read about ancestors of characters from other series and see references and Easter Eggs dropped into each book that connects them all together.

Of course, a New York Times Bestselling series like The Mortal Instruments has led to the birth of a movie and T.V. series. The 2013 movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was a flop in the box office and not true to the source material. The T.V. show titled Shadowhunters is more “inspired" by its original source material than actually “true” to it, and I think that is a great injustice. I found the show to be a mess of bad acting, poor CGI, and sloppy story arcs.

I have friends who love both the show and the books because they are able to define them as two entirely separate stories in their heads, but I simply cannot do that. I wanted a show that was true to the books, but that is not what I got. I wish I could separate them into my head and enjoy the show for what it is because I think it could be a fun visual experience.

Just because I don’t like the show doesn’t mean I think people should not try it because obviously, some find the program entertaining. It is purely based off of taste.

Below is my preferred order of reading and is the order in which each book was released.

1. City of Bones (Book 1 in The Mortal Instruments)

2. City of Ashes (Book 2 in The Mortal Instruments)

3. City of Glass (Book 3 in The Mortal Instruments)

4. Clockwork Angel (Book 1 in The Infernal Devices)

5. City of Fallen Angels (Book 4 in The Mortal Instruments)

6. Clockwork Prince (Book 2 in The Infernal Devices)

7. City of Lost Souls (Book 5 in The Mortal Instruments)

8. Clockwork Princess (Book 3 in The Infernal Devices)

9. City of Heavenly Fire (Book 6 in The Mortal Instruments)

10. Lady Midnight (Book 1 in The Dark Artifices)

11. Lord of Shadows (Book 2 in The Dark Artifices)

*The Bane Chronicles and Tales from Shadowhunter Academy are collections of short stories. I personally think they can be read at any point and aren’t as necessary to read in publication order as the core novels.

Cover Image Credit: Author's photo

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