Well, ladies and gents, and everyone in between that go on dates, that time has come. You are officially on the market and finally, say yes to that cutie who asked you out on a date. Excitement is in the air! ... Or is that anxiety?

1. "Can I somehow loose 15 pounds in one night?"

2. "What if they're psycho?"

3. "Should I show up early, or does that show desperation?"

4. "Damn, I look good!"

5. "I hope my deodorant holds up."

6. "What if I have something in my teeth, and they don't say anything."

7. "Should I do my nails?"

8. "What if they don't like me?"

9. "... What if I don't like them???"

10. "I hope my friends and family will like them if things turn out well."