Nepotism Ruined School for Me

Nepotism Ruined School for Me

"Kids are experiencing this right now at this very second."

Nepotism is a major issue in schools, churches, political offices, and many other places where a lot of people expect fairness but receive none. In case you don't know the definition, nepotism happens among people with power who show favoritism towards friends or relatives by giving them special privileges, especially jobs.

I never knew the word for this until high school, but I do remember experiencing it when I was very young, maybe seven or eight. Many of my elementary school teachers would get away with leaving students out or even insulting them. My seventh grade teacher even voiced that she had favorites in her class, leaving many of us to wonder why she didn't like us and why she mistreated us. My mom hated her.

Major problems arose for a majority of my twelve years there with people who were far overdue for retirement. I had teachers and faculty complain about "having to deal with us" right in front of us and complained that they were "so ready to retire." Why would you say these things in front of children? Not only does it affect self esteem but makes school dreadful for them. Some of those people are still in their positions to this day and I am now a college freshman.

One thing that I always hated was when parents got privileges. Not all, but some of the people who participated in Parent Teacher Organizations were around the school all the time just to get close to the teachers and principals to get their student benefits like better grades or spots in the spelling bee and other petty things. This became a real issue in high school when parents began to target students. It shouldn't happen and I'm very surprised that no one has addressed the issue yet.

The reason I have addressed the issue in this article is for that very reason. Also, I'm sure very many people from my own school district and beyond have experienced the same issues. Teachers and faculty members are kept simply to fill positions and because they are related or close to someone. It should be made illegal, but those in power won't let that happen. We have those that partake in it and ignore it in their campaign, and then we have those who want to fight against it but get voted out by the participants of the act. Sorry, but I think when we have a parent hired as a girl's locker room assistant that trash talks girl's bodies and personalities, it's becoming a major issue that is border line creepy and mentally concerning. Why do we still hire grown women who think they're still in high school?

Despite my obvious hatred towards my own school district, I want everyone to focus on how we can resolve this issue. It is very real and very present and is affecting children all over the nation. Stop hiring incompetent staff simply because of their ties to administrators. Also, it doesn't help to "monitor" classrooms because that means that the kids get a brutal lecture right before the principal comes in to sit in on classes for maybe five minutes while the teacher fakes nice behavior. Maybe incorporate cameras and microphones in classroom building so you can capture the truth.

I dreaded going to school some days not only for the kids who gained their popularity from their parents but because I was left out and seen as an outsider since I was two towns over. There was nothing I could have possibly done to change how I was treated because it was far beyond my capabilities as a six-year-old all the way until I hit high school. Kids are experiencing this right now at this very second.

Make a change. Stop letting ridiculous things like nepotism happen in schools. We wonder why you have so many bullying issues. Kids are watching their parents and teachers act rude, so they do the same. Nepotism needs to end now, because it's already gone on long enough and caused too much damage.

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23 Actual Quotes From Nursing Students

Behind the scenes at clinicals.

Many nursing students actively complain about the tortures of nursing school, but those on the outside may not know how stressful it is. Here are 23 fun quotes from actual nursing students that can give you an idea of what nursing school is really like:

1. "If I died and went to hell, it would take me a week to realize that I wasn't in nursing school anymore."

2. "My GPA is higher than the number of hours I sleep at night."

3. "Is it weird that I love nursing school, but it also makes me want to cry at the same time?"

4. "Can't I just learn everything I need to know from watching Grey's Anatomy?"

5. "I laid my practice catheter on my bed to scare away my roommate's boyfriend."

6. "My clinical badge picture actually makes me look like I am a serial killer."

7. "We are literally a cult, guys. We wear the same things and in order to be a nursing student, you have to pass certain tests that involve manipulating body parts and such."

8. "We only worked 12 hours on our 12-hour shift! This is a miracle."

9. "Wouldn't that be cool if we initiated IV bags full of Starbucks coffee into each other's bloodstreams?"

10. "Are you a pulmonary embolism? Because you make me breathless."

11. "I am never getting married because I stopped talking to boys when I entered nursing school."

12. "Everyone else gets to go out, go to the bars, go on dates, work out, go to the lake, but I am just sitting here trying to pass nursing school."

13. *Holds up blank piece of paper* "This is a picture of my current social life."

14. "I just want it to be the weekend so I can have free time to work on homework."

15. "For our tests, all the answers are correct. You just have to pick the BEST answer."

16. "All I want for my birthday is a lavender stethoscope with my name engraved on the bell."

17. "On a pain scale from 1-10, I would say that nursing school is a solid 11."

18. "Do these scrubs make me look fat?"

18. "I love the pockets on our scrubs! You can literally hold anything and everything. Maybe even a puppy so that you can take it out when you start to feel sad."

19. "It is really sad how I refer to life outside of nursing school as 'real life.'"

20. "Finals week is literally every week in nursing school. We haven't gone a week without a major test this entire semester."

21. "People only respect me when I am wearing scrubs."

22. "I have my friend groups clumped into two different groups: sorority friends and nursing friends."

23. "How is school going? Yeah, nursing school sucks, but it is so worth it."

Although a lot of these quotes seem to be negative, you need to remember that it is easier to complain about the bad than it is to praise about the good. Nursing school is pretty time-consuming, as well as mentally and physically exhausting, but I would not trade it for any other major. I am blessed to call myself a nursing student, and my nursing friends have turned into one of the biggest support systems that I have ever encountered.

Oh, and all these quotes are actually quotes from me, ha.

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Being In A 'Risky' Major, Such A Joy

What's your major? Oh…that's…interesting *awkward silence.*


Society today (and forever) questions the validity of majors that don't produce definite, solid, and reliable careers. The kind of careers that you're practically guaranteed to get as long as you have the proper degree and pass the right tests. Yet, a lot of majors are not like that. Communication, journalism, film, the arts—none of these are guaranteed to bring you success because they have a secret ingredient: talent. Skills can be taught and we can improve on things we are talented in, however, we cannot force talent where talent doesn't exist.

People love to tear you down if you're in one of these "risky" majors. Every career is important in a different way, but it takes a lot of courage to believe you're talented enough to make it in a career where everything is so uncertain. I believe it is your job to decide if the talent is there or not and to make your own decision about your life based on that. If at some point you realize maybe you don't have that talent, I think it's important to accept this about yourself, in the same way, you can accept that a STEM major isn't for you. Just because you want to be a singer, doesn't mean you're good at it—and the same goes for writers, actors, artists, dancers etc. In a talent based career, you don't find it, but rather it finds you. This is not to say that you should give up on your dreams; but when it comes to your career, remember to keep a least a dash of reality in play to keep you grounded.

It is so incredibly gut-wrenching to think that you are not good enough (for anything in life). Which is why it can be so frustrating how cruel people are to those exploring more risky majors. We all want to be good enough, and you know what? We can figure out if we are or are not on our own (and with the help of respected members of that career field). Even if you do have enough talent someone will STILL criticize your choices.

My best advice to my fellow risk takers is to follow what you think will bring you the most happiness in a career. Even if you don't end up to be a famous filmmaker or a world-renowned artist—you will find what works for you. People on the outside who criticize do so only to intimidate you for doing something they were too scared to try. But it's okay to try, and it's okay to be wrong. Most importantly? It's okay to prove all those people wrong.

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