To The Neighbors Who Love Above And Beyond

When you move into a new neighborhood, it can be worrisome and somewhat intimidating because you never know what to expect from your neighbors. It is unknown whether you will be friends with your neighbors or never even talk to them but when we moved into our "new" house almost three years ago, we never expected to have a neighborhood family. But just like the saying goes; the best things in life happen unexpectedly.

One of the greatest commandments in the Bible is to love your neighbor as yourself. Every so often, people come across neighbors and neighborhoods that are just overflowing with joy and friendship and there is a sense of community among all of these people and it truly is the greatest gift out there to have incredible neighbors.

I got blessed with neighbors who make me feel safe whenever I am home alone. I got blessed with neighbors who always come over for Sunday barbecues. I got blessed with a neighbor who is a pastor and helped me find my faith and he was the one to baptize me four years ago. I got blessed with a neighbor who is now a co-worker. I got blessed with many neighbors who I now babysit for. I got blessed with neighbors who will tell on me if I throw a party when my parents are out of town. I got blessed with neighbors who always offer a friendly wave and smile. I got blessed with neighbors who will welcome me into their home whenever I need it, I also got blessed with a neighbor who does my eyebrows (shout out to you Dyllan). Most importantly, I got blessed with neighbors who are just like family to me.

So here's to the neighbors who provide a friendly environment and community for everyone. Thank you for making these little communities everywhere better for everyone. Here's to the neighbors who bring love and positivity to every corner of the block and never miss an opportunity to talk about life and just catch up.

When you find the best neighbors, you never want to leave them. You make memories that you will share as you all grow and experience life in the hardships and triumphs. When you have amazing neighbors, they experience life with you and assist you in making those big decisions that can really change your life. Living in a neighborhood that truly follows the commandments is heartwarming and exciting.

My neighbors have seen me go through some serious turmoil in life but they have also seen me during some of my biggest accomplishments. They have watched me grow up while they continue to grow as well. To every neighborhood and every neighbor out there: keep making these little communities your home because there is nothing that beats chasing down the ice cream man and using chalk to draw on the driveway with all the neighborhood kids.

Thank you to all of the wonderful neighbors out there. You are appreciated.

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